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Junk Furniture Removal Options in Palm Beach County

May 15, 2020.

Whether you’re preparing for a big move, working to get ready for a major home renovation or anything else in between, sometimes the most complicated aspect of a big project is dealing with junk furniture. Removal options are many in Palm Beach County, but it’s important to understand that not all of them work the same way. When you’re working on a tight schedule, self-imposed or otherwise, you need to be sure your waste management solution is the most ideal fit for your unique project.

Though navigating all your options can feel daunting, the truth is, a bit of research can leave you armed with all the information you require to make the decision best suited to your individual needs. Before you throw up your hands or cancel your project altogether, it’s wise to examine the pros and cons of all your available choices. You may find that settling on a solution is easier than you thought possible.

Things to Consider about Junk Furniture Removal Service Options

In terms of sustainable and efficient disposal, few things are as challenging to manage as unwanted furniture. Bulky, often quite heavy and comprised of materials which are notoriously difficult to recycle, large pieces of furniture can be the bane of any cleaning, organizing or renewal project. While there are municipal services in place to aid Palm Beach County residents in disposing of these items, there are things you’ll want to consider before relying upon the Solid Waste Authority.

Because scheduling can make or break even the most well-planned project, the first things you’ll want to examine include pickup frequency and collection restrictions. Changes to county ordinances near the end of 2019 effectively halved the number of bulk collection days and limited the number of items accepted. Now, residents of unincorporated Palm Beach County are allotted one day each week for the disposal of up to three large items. Renovating a single room can generate more than three pieces, not to mention the assorted waste that comes with clearing out a living space. If you’re forced to spread disposal out over several weeks in order to comply, you could easily find yourself left with unwanted items long after the work has been completed.

You should also consider the sustainability issues associated with municipal bulk collection. While metal items and those mandated by law are recycled, there is simply no infrastructure to ethically dispose of furniture. These items make their way to the nearest landfill, even if they’re still in perfectly good condition and eligible for donation. That means your work has an immediate negative impact on the environment, and a less direct but still important impact on the community as a whole. Rather than aiding those in need, your castoffs will clog a landfill and contribute to environmental damage.

Last but not least, you’ll also need to think about the physical impact of dragging those items up to the curb. Regardless of your health and overall condition, just trying to get a single sofa to the road can be fraught with potential injuries and mishaps.

DIY hauling can feel like the most logical alternative, but this comes with a host of its own issues. If you don’t have access to a suitable vehicle, for instance, your only option is to eat the cost of rental, insurance, administrative fees and fueling costs. You’ll also be liable for any fees at waste processing centers, and responsible for planning an efficient route which will likely include multiple trips to more than one location. Time spent managing the planning and disposal of waste on a do-it-yourself level is time you can’t spend on the tasks only you can handle. Disposal can be outsourced to a competent service provider; consulting with contractors or working to coordinate with movers isn’t so easily handed off to another.

In many situations, working with a reputable and high-quality private junk furniture removal service can be the most efficient, effective and ethical choice.

How Private Furniture Disposal Can Help

You don’t have time to spread disposal out over a number of weeks to comply with SWA guidelines, and you can’t ignore everything to invest time and energy into DIY disposal. This is where choosing the right private hauler can be a game-changer.

At Jiffy Junk, we understand that just about anyone can show up with a truck to remove items piled at the curb. We take a different approach to removal, working to minimize our environmental impact while maximizing community service and customer satisfaction.

When we come to your home or place of business to provide junk furniture removal, we first make sure to separate anything suitable for donation. These items are hauled to area charity centers, ensuring they stay in the community and out of the landfill. Anything we can’t donate, we work to dispose of in the most sustainable, ethical manner available.

Our knowledgeable and experienced removal technicians do all the heavy lifting, removing pieces of furniture from the rooms where they currently reside. We’ll even uninstall old appliances and tear out unwanted carpeting, so you’re free to focus on tasks you can’t hand off to anyone else. Even in a public health crisis, we’re working to keep your space clean and your peace of mind intact. N95 masks and gloves are uniform standard, and we can also outfit a crew in full Tyvek suits upon request. Our sanitizing services, using EPA-registered, hospital-grade disinfectant requires no rinsing and contains no bleach, chlorine or corrosive compounds.

Best of all, we work on your schedule, not the other way around like municipal services. With a single phone call, you can quickly and easily manage not just unwanted furniture, but also just about any kind of waste you can imagine. Together, we can turn even the most overwhelming project into something you can handle with ease. Contact us today to learn more about our white-glove service promise, contact-free disposal options and all the ways we work to help you maintain a clean space to match your clean conscience.

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