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Junk Removal Business Does More Than You Think

December 7, 2016.

If you need help with a job that doesn’t involve removing junk from your property, it may seem logical to look for someone other than a junk hauler. The truth is, a junk removal business does a lot more work than you might think. When you have a company like Jiffy Junk at your service, there’s only one phone number you need to call for many of the jobs you have around your home or business.

Jiffy Junk: A Junk Removal Business and Much More

One big reason why Jiffy Junk has been the preferred business in Nassau and Suffolk Counties is the diversity of the services we offer. Jiffy Junk employs and trains only the best in the industry. People with a broad range of experience to better serve the needs of home and business owners across Long Island and in Queens. It’s also a big reason why our service area continues to expand.

From our very beginning, we recognized that our Long Island neighbors wanted a business they could rely on that could multi-task. Our business model was built on the philosophy that versatility was the key to success and the hallmark of a business dedicated to service.

While we excel at our core business of junk removal, we also offer an assortment of peripheral services equally valuable to our community. For example, did you know Jiffy Junk will also clean up your construction site? If you are a contractor and need affordable help keeping your worksite, Jiffy Junk is available so that you can keep your labor costs down and focus on the job you were hired to do.

Need More Than Junk Removal?

Many homeowners need help beyond the services of a basic junk removal business. Often, their situation calls for furniture removal, appliance removal, or a general clean out of a garage, attic or shed. Jiffy Junk will remove carpet, do estate clean outs, and we are also available for hoarding cleanup.

As we developed a reputation as a reliable junk removal business, we soon discovered that home and business owners alike needed more. We responded by expanding our suite of services and developing our staff accordingly who could be counted on to deliver those services.

We at Jiffy Junk cherish our reputation as a courteous and dependable junk removal business, and as a business that does so much more. Whether the job calls for garbage disposal, electronics removal or rental unit cleanouts, you can rely on Jiffy Junk to get it done in a jiffy.

Call Jiffy Junk for Reliable, Courteous Service

Now that you know the versatility of Jiffy Junk, you know who to call for all those home or business tasks that need to be done quickly and affordably. There’s no need to deal with multiple unknown businesses for every job when you have one reliable business that does it all.

Call us or book an appointment online for a no-risk estimate for your home or business projects. We will get it all done for a price you can count on, with courteous service you deserve. That’s the Jiffy Junk promise.

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