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Junk Removal Project: Glow Up Your Home For 2021

February 22, 2021.

New year, new look. And we’re not talking about your physical appearance! New Year happens to be the perfect time to do DIY projects that glow up your home. After all, your abode serves more than just a shelter. It is also a repository of all your precious memories and personal belongings of your family too. As such, you need to spruce up your home and engage in junk removal projects so it will become comfortable for all your loved ones.

Generally speaking, compulsively hoarding things that don’t hold value can negatively impact your life. Thus, decluttering your home at the start of the year remains a top priority. People tend to stockpile a lot of junk throughout the year, so investing time and effort in an annual cleaning project is a must if you want to keep your life organized. At some point, you may need junk removal to take out stuff you don’t use. Clutter is not just an eyesore. It can negatively affect your state of mind. Fortunately, you can call junk removal specialists like us at Jiffy Junk: We have the tools, skills, and expertise to take out the junk in a jiffy

You owe it to yourself to keep your house clean and organized. Having unnecessary junk will only weigh you down and cause mental stress. Junk removal assures a more peaceful and calm environment, making your house a happier place to build fun memories. After taking out the junk, you can be well on your way to add interior embellishments and outdoor touches that amplify the design of your house. Here’s what you need to consider before embarking on this project.

Junk Removal


How Things Get Out of Hand and How Junk Removal Can Help

The first step to glowing up your home is decluttering. You can never beautify any space that’s cluttered. Hence, now is the time to let go of junk and crush the hoarder compulsion. Collecting precious objects provide value as enthusiastic collectors make calculated purchases. In contrast, obsessive-compulsive hoarders stash any kind of trinket with no rhyme or reason. If you see yourself stuck in this destructive behavior, call a friend or a  junk removal specialist to help you out. Take a look at the possible triggers:

1. Excessive Shopping

Some people cannot resist sales, so they end up wasting money on things that they don’t need. If buying discounted items give you a high, you need to exercise control and curb your impulses. You must be proactive in sticking to your budget. Begin prioritizing needs and not wants. With this habit, you make it easier to maintain your house because you don’t accumulate non-essential things. 

2. No Plan for Home Maintenance

Unfortunately, some people get in dire straits because of poor home management. They face a herculean responsibility because they don’t have a consistent home maintenance schedule. Another reason could be they don’t know how to use embellishments to beautify their home. If you fall into this category, start with junk removal in your basement and attic. From there, you can slowly tackle other areas of the house. 

3. Wrong Sense of Belonging

Unfortunately, other people with a huge mess in their hands because of misplaced sentimentality. They form deep attachments to inanimate objects. Hence, even if they don’t need it or if it is broken, they cannot part with anything. For them, junk removal is out of the question because they think it is wasteful to part with the things they bought. They force themselves to believe that everything can be used in the future. Should you be in this scenario, be objective in assessing your belongings. Evaluate if you truly need them or you’re merely hanging on for the heck of it. When you’re in this predicament, make a conscious effort to change so you don’t get buried by your possessions.


Top Tips To Glow Up Your Property

If you feel inspired to clean up and glow up your home this 2021, you’ve come to the right place. At Jiffy Junk, we’ve helped so many families with junk removal, so we know what works and what doesn’t. We can take out old furniture, yucky carpets, and even broken appliances. This assures you can clean up your space without any hassles. Here’s what you can do to make your home sprucing project a breeze to accomplish:

1. Evaluate Everything to Prepare for Junk Removal

As we said, decluttering is the first step to a nicer home. Hence, you need to throw out your crap for a successful glow up. Check all the rooms and everyone’s closets so you can begin discarding what you don’t need. As you sort through your things, make three piles:

● Donation
● Keeping

Be merciless in this endeavor. Anything you haven’t used in a year needs to go because you most likely will not use it anymore. When it comes to junk removal, you need to be tough. Make swift decisions and don’t vacillate between things. Remember, when you free yourself from junk, you get freedom. 

2. Take on One Area at Time

In our experience, we can attest that people feel overwhelmed and frustrated when they attempt to clean up and decorate the whole house in one go. If you do this, you’re setting yourself up for disappointment. Everything will feel like a herculean task with no end in sight. Instead of having fun beautifying your home, you begin to think it is burdensome. 

Hence, it would be better to tackle one room at a time. When you break things down into small mini-projects, you can feel fulfillment in hitting your targets. Consequently, you feel more motivated. With this strategy, you will accomplish your goals because you use a manageable approach to tackling everything.

3. Prepare to Spend Time 

Give yourself plenty of time to work on your ideas, whether it’s decluttering, adding a coat of paint, replacing the carpets, or upgrading furniture. When you rush things, that’s when pressure builds up. Instead, give yourself time to sort through your things and decorate the interior or exterior. If you don’t allow a reasonable time frame, you will just get discouraged.

4. Change Window Treatments

One of the easiest and cheapest ways to amplify your home is to change your window treatments. Revamp the color and pattern. This will change the ambiance of your home. Moreover, getting rid of old, dusty window treatments assure that your property looks fresh, neat, and clean. Kick things up a notch by matching your throw pillows and accent rugs to your new curtains. 

5. Add Touches of Nature

Nothing is more classy than mother nature. To give your house a vibrant touch this 2021, spice it up with natural elements. Try adding the following:

● Add cute vases with fresh flowers
● Consider a dish garden
Try succulents with stone pebble decors
Add wooden benches or tables
Incorporate indoor plants which also give fresh air

6. Do Deep Carpet Cleaning

If you have carpets, consider deep cleaning. Your carpets get a lot of traffic so imagine all the dirt, dust, and germs buried in them. At times, carpets receive nasty spills and even bodily waste from pets and children. As a result, regular vacuum cleaning will not work. For best outcomes, do a deep shampoo treatment at the start of the year so you won’t forget. With clean carpets, you lessen allergies and irritation. 

7. Seek Professional Help

There are some projects that are best left with the professionals. If you’re just adding a fresh coat of paint or regrouting tiles, then you can attempt a DIY. However, if you want to replace tiles or add a new carpet, then you need professional help. For example, at Jiffy Junk, we can efficiently perform carpet removal and replacement. From there, you can buy a new carpet with free installation from the store. Paying for professional service is worth for the following reasons:

● Possess expertise
● Have the right tools
Provide convenience
Swift and efficient project turnaround
Assures quality installation
Proffers value for money

Junk Removal


Perks of Sprucing Up the Home with Junk Removal

Beautifying your home every start of the year assures you have a good routine in place. With this habit, you can tackle all the grime, dirt, and clutter that builds up outside your usual cleaning schedule. Conducting junk removal and sprucing up your home will bring a lot of benefits. Take a look at them below:

1. Improves Property Value

When you fix the exteriors, you improve the curb appeal of the house. Meanwhile, fixing up the interior not only gives you an amazing space, it improves your home’s property value. Remember, if your home looks nice, people feel more inclined to visit and connect with you. They feel more at home and welcome in neat and tidy homes. After all, no one wants to be near a “dumpster!” 

2. Prevents Nasty Accidents

If you have tons of clutter at home, people are more prone to accidents. They risk tripping and falling over your junk. Thus, you need to clean up your crap to minimize accidents. If your home is cramped, people will have no space to move. Everyone living in your home will find it cumbersome to live their daily lives. As such, it makes a lot of sense to prioritize junk removal and cleanliness because an unsightly mess can cause disasters.

3. Boosts Ambience and Air Quality

Homes that hold too much stuff exhibit poor air quality. These elements serve as a breeding ground for dust mites, mold, and mildew. Unfortunately, these annoying pests can trigger allergic rhinitis, skin allergies, asthma, etc. Disorganized staff look chaotic, too. Hence, if you want to improve your home’s ambiance and air quality, take away your junk. If your home is a horrible mess, your children will feel embarrassed to invite friends over to hangout. In the same token, your guests will not feel comfortable either in a dirty environment. Thus, your family deserves a nice and neat home all year round.

4. Lowers Risk of Fire Hazards

When your home is a mess, it’s like a haven for fires. If you don’t declutter your junk, your home becomes a disaster waiting to happen. Noteworthy, paper, fabric, wood, and other materials possess highly flammable properties. All your accumulated stuff will fan the flames, so to speak. Your clutter can also prevent you from making a quick exit in case of an emergency. As such, it makes more sense to tidy up your home to prevent this nightmare. 

5. Equates to a Calm and Peaceful State of Mind

Above all, one of the primary perks of cleaning and amplifying your home is a calm and peaceful mind frame. A cluttered home will lead to a chaotic mental state. Messy surroundings can adversely impact your health and wellness. It can lead to stress and anxiety. If you truly want a safe environment for your loved ones, you need to clean your home. Best of all, cleaning at the start of the year will keep you inspired for the whole year through. Remember, it always feels amazing to start fresh and with a clean slate. 

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Final Wrap Up

Those annual cleaning and glow-up projects uphold so many benefits you should not ignore. After all, it only takes a couple of months for new things to invade your space. With daily wear and tear, you need to commit to a regular cleaning schedule to ascertain that your house remains spic and span. Keep cleaning materials on hand so you can do regular dusting and cleaning with ease. Most importantly, resist the urge to buy items that you don’t need.

Keep in mind, the state of your home can affect your lifestyle. It can also impact your relationships because clutter can affect the mood. When you straighten and fix up your home, you do the same for your life. Maintaining a clean and beautiful home is not vanity but a necessity for enhancing your quality of life. If you need assistance with junk removal, our team at Jiffy Junk is ready to help. We can help you clean up your home to assure you live a happy, organized, and peaceful life that you and your loved ones deserve.

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