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More Than Just Junk Removal

August 10, 2018.

There are many situations that call for getting rid of junk. At first blush, one might think that junk removal is mostly comprised of emptying out a building purchased at auction where roomfuls of unusable objects and trash have been left behind. This is one common reason to hire a company to remove and dispose of items. The truth is, there are so many more reasons you might consider getting a professional junk removal company. You might be surprised by how many ways a junk removal company can be useful to your daily life.

Your Junk Might Be Somebody Else’s Treasure

There are many reasons for needing to get rid of items in your home. The most obvious one involves replacing your furniture. When you order a new couch, you first have to get rid of your old one before the new one is delivered. Perhaps your old couch, or chair or bed is still in decent shape, but you don’t have time to wait for it to be sold, or you just don’t think it’s worth the trouble to sell based on how little you expect to fetch for it. Perhaps it’s not in great shape at all, but still usable. Certainly, another household might be able to use your discarded furniture item. The obvious choice is to donate the furniture piece to a respected charity such as Salvation Army or Goodwill. Sometimes a pickup can be scheduled, but depending on your location, often charity trucks will not pick up furniture or other large objects, which means you need to handle it yourself. This is often easier said than done. It requires manpower to remove the item from your home, as well as a large enough vehicle to transport it to the charity location, not to mention the time and coordination to get it done. Remember, if you don’t have easy access to a truck, you’ll have to rent one.

Besides furniture, you might have other items to get rid of that might not seem useful for your family any more but still might have use for others. While you’re having your old furniture picked up, you could take advantage of the chance to get rid of other useful items. Save yourself time and hassle by getting rid of whatever you can all at once. Anything in your home that you have no more need for could be donated for use by others who might think your trash is their treasure. It’s important to know that your junk removal service cares about donating anything that can be reused to a deserving local community organization.

Recycling More Than Aluminum Cans and Paper

Instead of thinking “Out of sight, out of mind” regarding your old junk, instead, think about keeping as much of your items out of the landfill as possible. No case needs to be made regarding the benefits of recycling in this day and age. You might be surprised at how much of your junk can be recycled. Ask yourself what can be recycled beyond the obvious aluminum cans, paper or plastic products. Did you know that bed mattresses can be recycled? Many materials used for created other products can be taken from mattresses, including woodchips, foam material, scrap metal and even fiber for clothing. Large appliances that are beyond repair can be recycled as well. Before being recycled, there are components of some appliances such as refrigerators and freezers, which by law must be removed. Steel, usable parts and other metals can be extracted for recycle from many appliances. There are over 120 lbs of steel to be found in older refrigerator models. If you have a large furniture item which is just too damaged for restoring or reusing, chances are many parts of that couch or chair can be recycled.

Often, it’s difficult to get your local municipality to pick up your large appliances, and how are you going to transport the item to the proper recycling station? Additionally, many items in your home that you need to dispose of, while not be too large for transport, may be prohibited or regulated as to how it is to be disposed of. Old paint cans, computer monitors, fluorescent tubes, tube TVs, household chemicals and tires are all notoriously difficult to recycle and should never be thrown into your trash, and consequently, a landfill. Do you know exactly who or what recycler will take these things? Some community programs have one date every year to allow pickup or drop-off of these kinds of items. Perhaps you don’t have this service in your community, or it’s possible that you just can’t wait another 6-10 months for the next drop-off date.

These are common problems easily solved by hiring a professional company to take away all your recyclables, making sure they get to the right places for processing. You can feel good about your responsible choices and make a difference in your community.

Not your typical “Junk”-Yard and Landscaping Waste

When you think of “Junk removal” you might not immediately think about lawn or landscaping refuse. Piles of unneeded dirt, branches, debris, chunks of dirt-clods on grass, piles of weeds, unwanted gravel, clay and rotted trees and wood, uprooted bushes are hard to dispose of if you have a significant amount.  You can’t just put all of this in the trash, and you might only have brush pickup once or twice a year in your community.  Even so, much of your landscaping debris could be refused, such as chunks of dirt.  The rest will need to be carefully cut and bundled, requiring time, strength, effort and purchasing supplies and stickers. Not everyone has the time, energy, ability, or enough hands to get that done. After a yard remodel, you might not want to wait months to put it on the curb. Where would you store any of that in the meantime without making your yard look terrible?  Not just junk removal; a professional service takes yard and landscaping waste out of your way, and deposits it responsibly.

Not Just Junk Removal– We Help with So Much More

As you see, old junk removal is only the first part of what a good junk removal company can do for customers. If you have any project that requires materials to be removed and deposited in a responsible way, whether to a landfill, a recycling process station, a charity for reuse just call us at Jiffy Junk!  You can also go online to make an appointment.

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