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Leave Large Item Pickup in Palm Beach County to the Professionals

January 1, 2019.

Taking the do-it-yourself approach can be a great way to save money while flexing your can-do attitude, but there are times when it’s best to call in the professionals. Whether you’re trying to clear out a storage space or redecorating your home, it can be hard to efficiently and effectively get rid of even one large item. If the project you’re working on is likely to yield more, the difficulty of arranging ethical disposal increases.

There’s a time to roll up your own sleeves and get to work, but there are also plenty of times when you’re better off leaving large item pickup to the pros. Before you start a project sure to yield lots of large waste, take some time to weigh all your options. In the end, you may be surprised by how cost-effective and environmentally sound it is to let someone else do the heavy lifting.

The True Cost of DIY Bulk Disposal

At first blush, it definitely seems like the more cost-effective approach is to simply toss the things you no longer want into the back of the truck to drop them off yourself. Scratch the surface, though, and you might find it’s more expensive than you think. In fact, depending on your project and its scope, it may actually be the costliest and most labor-intensive option.

If you don’t have access to a truck, then you’re immediately on the hook for rental, insurance and administrative fees. Many truck rental facilities will insist the truck be returned with a full tank of gas, so you’ll also need to leave room in the fuel budget for one last fill-up. You’ll also be responsible for any dumping or processing fees at the disposal facility of your choice, not to mention the physical toll of lifting, pulling and loading heavy items. Depending on what you’re trying to get rid of, you may also need to consider the costs of accidentally breaking local, state or federal disposal laws. Legal expenses rarely run cheap, even if they’re just fines and fees.

The largest and most difficult expense to recover, however, is the cost of environmental damage. Unless you’re willing to chart a course across the area to hit donation drop-off facilities and multiple recycling centers in a bid to avoid the landfill, your project is going to have an impact on the environment. From taking up space in a landfill to potentially leaching toxic chemicals into the groundwater, landfill use is rarely the most environmentally friendly choice. 

Large Item Pickup Through Solid Waste Authority of Palm Beach County

When it comes to municipal waste management services, the people of Palm Beach County do have a viable and relatively convenient option for large item pickup in SWA. Collection happens twice each week, with no need to make special appointments for bulk pickup and no annual limits on how much you can dispose of in this manner. There are very strict parameters in place regarding where you’re allowed to leave those items for pickup, how they must be packaged and how much can be left out on a single collection day. When you’re on a tight deadline, two days of bulk collection are better than one, but they’re rarely enough.

Time really is money, and this is especially true when you’re trying to move out of a home, getting a rental property ready for new tenants, or working to manage the final tasks associated with closing an estate. You can’t afford to miss deadlines, which means you may not be able to wait for the first collection day of the new week when there are large items to manage.

It’s also important to note that you’re responsible for lugging all those items down to the curb yourself. Solid Waste Authority of Palm Beach County will not come into your home or place of business to do the heavy lifting. When tabulating and comparing the costs of your different disposal options, this is an important one to consider. How much is your time worth if you’re out of commission with an injury? 

Greener, More Ethical Large Item Pickup

When you can’t stand the idea of leaving a negative impact on the environment in your wake or dragging large items to the curb or the back of a truck yourself, one option remains: professional waste management.

While there are a number of providers from which to choose in the area, not all companies share our dedication to greener and more ethical disposal. At Jiffy Junk, we take pride in minimizing our own carbon footprint. We’re able to pass that good environmental karma onto our clients in several ways, all of which get items you no longer want or need out of your house via the greenest route possible.

Usable items in acceptable shape are separated, along with any recyclable items. When we’re finished removing all your unwanted items, we’ll drop off the usable ones at an area charitable donation center where they serve less fortunate neighbors rather than rotting in the dump. Our experienced, dedicated removal technicians will also make sure to recycle items not fit for donation, seeking out special programs wherever possible. We’ll also come to your home or place of business to remove large items from where they sit; no need to haul them down to a curb, wrestle them onto a truck or deal with the headache of trying to get them across town yourself.

We’ll uninstall appliances, remove furniture and manage smaller waste in a single trip, giving you the best possible value for large item pickup in the Palm Beach County area. We’ll even leave your space broom clean and ready for whatever comes next, whether you have a single item to remove or an entire house full of unwanted possessions. Don’t let large item pickup become a pain in the neck or the back. Call us today and let us do all the heavy lifting.

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