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Durham Junk Removal

Are you facing a big mess that needs cleaning up? Jiffy Junk can help. Whether it’s an old appliance or a houseful of trash, we can get things moved and out of your way in a jiffy. Our trained professionals have the safety gear to work in dusty and moldy environments and they are experts are removing heavy furniture and appliances. Got a mess to move in Durham, North Carolina? Call Jiffy Junk.

Jiffy Junk for All Your Junk Removal Needs

Whatever kind of clutter or mess is holding you up, we can remove it. Everything from storm debris inside and outside, to old attic trash and treasures, to garage and basement castoffs; call us for fast professional junk removal. We are thorough, efficient, friendly and professional. What do you need hauled away?

Let us know your removal needs in Durham and we will be there in a jiffy to take care of it for you.

Friendly Professional Service in Durham, NC

Sometimes getting rid of clutter can be an emotional undertaking. The professionals at Jiffy Junk understand this. We offer personalized service, always showing respect and care for your property. Ask any of our customers and you’ll learn just how good we are at what we do. We work hard to exceed your expectations in all ways.

Environmentally Friendly

Concerned about where that junk is going to end up? Don’t be. Leave the sorting to us. We don’t take everything to the landfill and dump it. Everyone gets rid of items that can be repurposed, reused or recycled. We make sure such items go to the places where they can do the most good. Jiffy Junk partners with you in protecting the environment by our conscientious junk removal policies.

Need Help with the Big Jobs?

Do you have a big job that seems overwhelming? We can help with that. We have the expertise to help clean up after storms, both outside and inside messes. You have plenty to worry about without having to clean up tree branches and soggy furniture. Let Jiffy Junk do the work for you.

Hoarding is a problem for some people and getting rooms or homes cleared out and cleaned up is more than a daunting prospect. Jiffy Junk knows how to get the job done with compassion and efficiency. Call us if you have a room or home that needs to be cleared.

Sometimes businesses have storage units filled with cast-off electronics, furniture and other junk that they haven’t gotten around to throwing away but for which they no longer have a use. If that sounds like your situation, contact us for removal of these items. Why pay good money on a storage unit full of items you haven’t seen in years and will never use again? One call to Jiffy Junk and you’re done with it.

Save Time and Money with Jiffy Junk

Your time is valuable, so let the experts handle all your junk removal needs. In no time at all that cluttered space, whether a few feet or an entire house, will be clutter free with help from Jiffy Junk.

Give us a call or schedule your appointment online for junk removal in Durham, NC.

Jiffy Junk Durham Junk Removal
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