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Mattress Disposal: NYC Rules and Regulations You Should Know

December 28, 2017.

What’s a city-dweller to do when they need to get rid of a bed set? Whether you’re upgrading to a better model or cleaning out a rental unit, there are some things you should know about mattress disposal. NYC has very specific rules and regulations in place, and running afoul of them can result in stiff fines. Before you toss that box spring or mattress on the curb, find out how you can comply with those laws.

What to Know Before Dumping a Mattress

High population density creates tight quarters in urban areas, which can exacerbate the spread of some pests. Bedbugs, for instance, are a particular concern in New York City and the surrounding areas. In an attempt to prevent the spread of bedbugs, mattresses and box springs require special handling under the law.

Before any box spring or mattress is placed out for collection, it must be sealed in a specialized plastic bag you must purchase yourself. The City does not provide these covers, and they must be in place before bedding is moved out of the home. This includes futons, as well. Uncovered mattresses will not be picked up and could net you a $100 fine. This means you’ll still be on the hook for the cost of covers, along with an extra $100, when you schedule the next available pickup appointment.

If your mattress is smaller than 4’x3′, you can simply bag it and place it out by the curb for regular pickup. For anything larger, you’ll need to make an appointment up to four weeks in advance.

You can attempt to haul mattresses away yourself, assuming you have access to a large-enough vehicle and the time required to make the drive. Be aware that normal garbage facilities and landfills may not accept mattresses, either. You’ll need to locate the facility nearest you that does accept castoff bedding, then verify how and when they accept drop-offs. When calculating the cost of this option, be sure to include fuel and toll costs.

Quick Mattress Disposal, NYC and Beyond

When you need to get rid of bulky items on a tight schedule, trying to navigate a number of rules and regulations can be a nightmare.

You can spend time trying to track down drop-off locations, legally-compliant mattress bags, and transportation, or you can get rid of your old mattress with one quick phone call. At Jiffy Junk, we know your time is valuable. That’s why we offer white-glove hauling services for both residential and commercial clients in all five boroughs, Nassau and Suffolk Counties.

We’ll come to you, removing mattresses from inside your space. You don’t have to struggle with bagging an unwieldy box spring or dragging it down to the curb. Because we place the highest value on protecting the environment, we’ll even prioritize recycling programs over landfill dumping. Don’t spend days trying to schedule municipal pickup or arranging a DIY drop-off project. Let us help.

Call today: 844-543-3966.

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