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Mattress Removal – What Are Your Options?

May 18, 2016.

Mattress removal is not something we have to deal with on a regular basis. But eventually, the time comes for you to replace your old mattress with a comfy new one. If so, then with that comes the necessity of looking into what you are going to do with the old one. Just what are your options then? Well here are a few for you to consider.

From Whom Are You Buying Your New Mattress?

Getting that new mattress on sale can save you a lot of money. Getting it from a store that removes the old one for you can save on cash and headaches.  Not every place selling mattresses offers this service, however. Some charge for it and others offer mattress removal as a courtesy. Be sure to do comparison shopping though. The price of removing your mattress may be included in the cost of the new mattress, even if it’s on sale.

Find a Place That Recycles Mattresses

Did you know that your mattress can be recycled? There are plenty of reusable materials in a mattress. The wood and metal parts that are in most of them can be recycled and the foam is also recyclable. Jiffy Junk regularly picks up and delivers items to recycling centers, including mattresses.

Donate Your Mattress

Some charitable organizations will accept a mattress donation, particularly if it is in good shape. Of course, you don’t want to donate an unusable item, but if you believe your mattress still has some life in it, consider calling a place like Goodwill or The Salvation Army. Drop-offs at donation centers are another regular request that Jiffy Junk fulfills for its customers.

Give It Away

If your mattress is in good shape, consider giving it away. Ask around to find out if anyone in your circle either needs one or knows of someone who does. You’d be surprised at how many times a mattress is junked by someone and they find out later that it could have been put to good use by a friend or acquaintance.

Want it moved quickly? You may need to take it to its new destination to make sure you don’t get stuck with it for longer than you would like. If time isn’t a factor, ask the recipient how soon they will be ready to take the mattress. Setting up a time and date for mattress removal will help prevent a long and drawn out proposition. Check with Jiffy Junk to see if we can help you out in getting the mattress removed and delivered to the new owners.

Call Jiffy Junk for Mattress Removal

We will gladly come and remove your old mattress for you. If it is unusable or you just want to get rid of it, give us a call. We can deliver it to the recycling center, your preferred donation site or have it properly disposed of if it is no longer usable. Contact us today for your mattress removal and we’ll get it done in a jiffy!

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