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Metal Removal and Recycling Done Responsibly

November 11, 2016.

Junk hauling and cleanups usually involve an assortment of materials. Some are hazardous, some can be recycled and all of them need to be sorted and disposed of responsibly, often separately. Metal removal done responsibly means separating it from all other waste material you are removing from a property, for it to be accepted by a salvage or waste collection site.

When removing metal, you must use care to avoid sharp edges, protruding nails, staples and screws, all of which may be rusted — an injury risk leading to infection including tetanus.

There’s likely to be a mix of metals in any cleanup, such as copper, tin, aluminium and steel. All of these can be recycled, and in fact should be, for responsible removal.

Whether you are cleaning up a construction site or clearing out a shed, you will need to have several containers for sorting each type of waste, each type of metal. Separating other materials such as glass, wood and concrete, not to mention hazardous materials, further complicates the job to do it all per regulations.

Jiffy Junk’s Metal Removal and Recycling

Fortunately, Jiffy Junk has all the expertise and equipment you will need for any size job, no matter how many different materials are involved. We know how to prepare a job for waste removal and can dispose of all your junk responsibly. You can be assured that all recyclables will be recycled and everything will be disposed of at the proper locations, in accordance with all pertinent federal, state and local guidelines.

Jiffy Junk Haulers will take on your scrap metal, furniture and appliance removal duties, and we will even dismantle items to get all materials sorted for recycling. All at an affordable price so you can leave the hazardous work to us and enjoy the time you will save not doing it all yourself. Our professionals will provide you with reliable and respectful service on a schedule of your choosing. No need to wait for trash pickup on that one day of the week they are available. Then you risk the possibility that it won’t be accepted because everything isn’t packaged just so.

Forget all that and call Jiffy Junk for help in a jiffy. Save yourself time, strain and risk of injury and leave it to the junk removal pros. We have volume pricing, scaled to the size of any job you need help with. You won’t pay for more than you need, and never pay more than the quote we give you before the work begins.

Contact us, online or by phone for a risk-free quote and schedule your job to get the work done responsibly and efficiently. Our White Glove treatment promises you a squeaky-clean area will remain when the work is done.

Whatever your cleanup or removal needs, Jiffy Junk is the one to call.

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