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Moving House? Rubbish Removal Tips for Austin Residents

September 27, 2019.

Packing up your belongings and making the trek to a new home is no small feat, whether your new base of operations is across the country or across the street. While you’re in the process of packing, you’re likely to realize just how much you’d rather discard than carry with you into your new home. Rather than fill a moving van with things you don’t actually need or want, you can take this opportunity to shed clutter, so you’re set up for organizational success in your new space.

What do you do with the things you don’t want to accompany you into the next chapter of your life? Chucking them into the curbside bin means they’re likely to end up in the landfill, assuming they’ll even fit. Items too large to fit inside your curbside bin are collected twice per year on a schedule set by Austin Resource Recovery, and a high enough volume of small items to overfill curbside bins can leave you subject to extra trash fees. Without a plan in place to manage while you’re moving house, rubbish removal can quickly become the most pressing issue of your entire relocation experience.

Find out how you can streamline waste management during a big move to make sure you meet all your deadlines while still keeping the health of the environment front and center.

Waste Management for Moving: House Rubbish Removal, Recycling and Donation

Disposal management for moving projects can be more demanding than other types of projects because the types of waste generated are often diverse. Some items may be in usable shape but no longer of use to you, some may need to go to specific recycling centers, while others will require more creative handling to divert them from landfills. Working to responsibly and ethically manage the things you no longer want or need can easily demand all your time and energy, jeopardizing your ability to manage all the other crucial tasks on your moving to-do list.

Municipal bulk waste collection services through Austin Resource Recovery do exist, though in a somewhat limited capacity. Twice per calendar year, these services are scheduled by the City of Austin and provide residents with the opportunity to dispose of specific large items. These include furniture, appliances, passenger car tires, lawn mowers with all oil and gasoline removed, rolled fencing and carpeting, and railroad ties that have been cut in half.

These items must be separated into three distinct piles: metal items, non-metal items, and tires. Appliances should be grouped with metal items, and all piles should be placed at least five feet away from all fences, walls, mailboxes, water meters, telephone connection boxes and parked vehicles. Items must also be clear of any low-hanging electrical lines or tree limbs. Metal items and tires are taken to recycling facilities, but all non-metal items are taken to the local landfill, regardless of condition or usability and despite the City of Austin’s Zero Waste by 2040 goal. This means that even if you’re fortunate enough to find your moving date lines up with the bulk collection schedule, you’ll still have the questionable ethics of landfill dumping to contend with. You’ll also have to do all the hard work of dragging heavy items down to the curb and ensuring they’re arranged appropriately for collection.

Your other option is to work with a private hauler, one who prioritizes environmental best practices and white-glove removal services to ensure you’re able to make your move as quickly and ethically as possible.

Eco-Friendly Moving Waste Disposal Services

Even under the most ideal circumstances, moving is often a stressful and exhausting experience. It can be doubly so when piled-up waste begins impeding productivity and playing havoc with your ability to meet deadlines. Moving dates tend to be set in stone, whether you’re meeting the terms of your lease or vacating a property you’ve recently sold. Too much waste isn’t a viable excuse for missing your move-out date, but it can certainly be the culprit. Working with a private waste hauler who understands not only the ins and outs of greener disposal, but also the unique needs of clients in the middle of a big move, can help you simplify everything.

At Jiffy Junk, we make a point of minimizing our environmental impact in every way we can so that our customers and our neighbors can all enjoy the benefits of a cleaner, more protected planet. Our thoroughly trained and knowledgeable removal techs come to your home before your big move to clear away anything you don’t want to take along for the ride, and we work hard to keep as much as we can out of the landfill. Anything in usable condition is separated out for transportation to charitable donation centers so that furniture, household goods, castoff toys and similar items stay in the community, not in the dump. Everything else is taken to a recycling center or, when recycling facilities aren’t available, we seek out the most sustainable disposal solution. Our business model is built around passing along a minimized environmental footprint, and we take that commitment seriously.

We also take our white-glove, full-service promise seriously. Our removal techs do all the heavy lifting so you can focus on all the aspects of your move that only you can manage. You don’t have to haul the things you want to discard down to the curb. We’ll even uninstall appliances and tear up old carpeting for disposal, if necessary. We’ll leave your space swept clean and free of dust bunnies, ready for you to collect a security deposit or to wow new buyers. 

Don’t let the things you don’t need weigh you down during a big move. With one phone call, Jiffy Junk can make quick work of every item on your waste management to-do list. Contact us today to learn more about greener, more ethical disposal on your terms and your schedule. Together, we can make your next move your best one yet.

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