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Office Spring Cleaning: Get Rid of the Big Junk This Weekend

April 12, 2017.

Perhaps the single best benefit of having a clean workspace is the boost in productivity. It’s true. When you’re not focused on the distraction of dust bunnies hopping or the humming of inefficient office machinery, you’re able to produce a higher quality of work in a timely manner.

When is the most opportune time for a round of office spring cleaning without sacrificing time for work? On the weekends! Luckily, there are professionals like us that will remove your biggest junk items — even during weekend hours. Doing so allows you to have a clean office without worrying about the actual task. It’s a win/win for everyone.

What to Expect

If your office is full of old equipment like copiers that don’t copy or printers that won’t print, it might be time to part with them.

Not only can our pros remove the equipment, they take care of disconnecting it. They also recycle most, if not all, items removed from an office space. It’s not uncommon for workplace equipment to contain materials eligible for recycling  — helping you while also protecting the environment.

A cleaning service is also part of the deal.  Having your space more organized and cleaner than you left it is often worth the investment alone. Leaving Friday afternoon’s mess and return Monday morning to a clean slate!

What Qualifies as Junk

Junk isn’t limited to just machinery and electronics. Desks, filing cabinets, large display units, refrigerators, old carpet and more can also be removed. The rule of thumb is, if it can be ripped up or ripped out, it can be hauled away.

Are you in the process of remodeling the lobby or waiting room? There may be an unsightly mess of debris you want to disappear before customers return on Monday morning. We can handle that too.

Give Us a Call

Jiffy Junk offers experienced professionals that can help tackle your workspace while you’re clocked out. Serving the Queens area and those around Nassau and Suffolk Counties, we make every effort to leave spaces better than when they found them.

If you’re nearby, call Jiffy Junk today: 888-543-3966.

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