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Old Appliance Removal Doesn’t Have to Be a Hassle

December 16, 2016.

The blessings of modern conveniences can quickly become a curse when it’s time to move them, but old appliance removal doesn’t have to be a hassle. Appliances are big, heavy and often unwieldy to move around, much less haul away. You may have stairs and narrow hallways to navigate. The only safe method or moving appliances is with the proper equipment. An appliance hand truck with sturdy straps to secure often top-heavy items is an essential tool for transporting refrigerators, stoves and other appliances.

Safety First with Old Appliance Removal

Special care should be taken when disconnecting some old appliances, such as air conditioners. Window or wall-mounted units pose a drop hazard and risk of injury of not adequately supported prior to removal. Power cords can also become a trip hazard, and should be taped or otherwise secured to the appliance.

When an appliance is placed outside for pickup, it needs to be prepped first. Doors must be removed to prevent small children from becoming trapped. In many jurisdictions, it is unlawful to leave appliances outdoors if they are not adequately safeguarded. Large appliances should also be secured to prevent them from tipping over and causing injury or property damage.

Prompt and Responsible Appliance Removal

When you leave your old appliance removal in our hands, Jiffy Junk will get the job done quickly. You won’t need to worry about dragging that behemoth of a refrigerator through your home. That clothes washer and dryer set down in your basement? Perhaps you’ve kept them longer than you would have liked just to avoid the hassle of getting them. We understand completely. Appliance removal is no one’s idea of a good time, but your Jiffy Junk haulers will do it for you with a smile.

Jiffy Junk does every job in accordance with all applicable local statutes. We know how and where to remove your old appliances. If they are serviceable, we can donate your old appliances for you. Otherwise, we will recycle them so that the materials can be reused, or disposed of properly.

Clean and Convenient Appliance Removal

When you hire Jiffy Junk for your old appliance removal, you are helping preserve the environment. Your old appliances won’t need to sit outside your home waiting for a trash pickup. We will schedule the work at a time convenient for you, and get it all done in a jiffy.

The Jiffy Junk White Glove Treatment will assure you that the spaces your old appliances occupied are completely clean and ready for whatever new purpose you have in mind. No mess, no hassles, no muscle strains. Let the Jiffy Junk pros handle the job for you from start to finish.

Now that you’re ready to part with your old appliances, call the folks you can trust to do it right, do it cleanly and conveniently, and do it affordably. With Jiffy Junk on the job, you can focus on how to use the clean space we will leave behind.

Call Jiffy Junk for your old appliance removal so you can enjoy your new appliances today.

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