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Old Appliances and Your Garbage Pickup Service

December 17, 2017.

What are you supposed to do with old appliances when you’re remodeling, cleaning out an estate or updating a rental property? Chances are, your regular municipal garbage pickup service will have a host of rules and regulations governing the collection of appliances, particularly those containing refrigerant.

If you’re managing a project on a tight schedule, navigating the red tape of your regular services can be a challenge. Fortunately, there are more efficient solutions.

Why Garbage Pickup Service Providers Balk at Appliances

Disposing of old and inoperable appliances can be a tricky proposition due to a host of legal requirements on the state, local and federal level.

Refrigerators, dehumidifiers, air conditioners and other appliances containing refrigerant are notoriously difficult to manage due to the existing legal framework set forth by the United States Environmental Protection Agency with the goal of phasing out an older type of refrigerant known to deplete the ozone layer. If your appliance was manufactured before 2005, there’s a strong chance it contains R-22, which has been effectively banned. This means you probably can’t sell an older refrigerated appliance, assuming it’s still in working condition. You also can’t just slap it out on the curb. This refrigerant must be carefully harvested and disposed of safely by trained professionals.

You can likely schedule special appliance pickup through your municipal sanitation service, though most will require you to remove all doors before placing the appliance on the curb for scheduled refrigerant harvesting.

Newer appliances that don’t contain this hazardous refrigerant should be easier to dispose of properly, right? Actually, not so fast. Newer refrigerant is less hazardous to the ozone layer, but it’s highly flammable. If your appliance bears a flammable warning label, your municipal waste management service likely won’t accept it at all. Instead, you’ll probably be directed to contact the manufacturer or to arrange private handling for these appliances.

Streamlining Your Appliance Disposal Project

Clearing an estate or completing a renovation almost always comes with a set deadline. You need to get old appliances out of your space and off to the big kitchen in the sky as quickly as possible. Wrangling with city officials or sanitation supervisors to arrange pickup for only the appliances they will accept requires a substantial time investment, and you’re still left with the ones they won’t accept to dispose of yourself.

At Jiffy Junk, we understand how important it is to get old appliances out of your way quickly and efficiently. Because we’re committed to environmentally responsible and ethical practices, we also work diligently to reduce landfill impact. Our trained and experienced technicians will come to your home or place of business in all five boroughs, Nassau and Suffolk Counties to remove all appliances, taking them to recycling centers for safe handling. If there’s still life left in appliances that can legally be donated, we’ll even take those pieces to a donation center for you.

Our white-glove service includes uninstallation, so you don’t have to haul heavy appliances down to the curb. We’ll even clean up on the way out, leaving your space swept clean and free of dust bunnies.

Call today: 844-543-3966.

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