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Playset Removal: Extend Your Living Space

June 21, 2017.

The playset in your backyard provided years of entertainment, but isn’t it time to reclaim your usable living space? Whether the kids have outgrown their play equipment or it came with the house and has never really been used, there’s no reason to hold onto a bulky structure when it outlives its usefulness.

Your lawn can become the outdoor oasis of your dreams, a space ready for living and entertaining. First, though, you’ll have to dispose of the unused, likely worn and damaged, play structure. Because these structures often become an inadvertent focal point for the entire lawn, removing them can make a noticeable and immediate difference.

Playset removal can be a big job, and there are some complications you may not foresee. For instance, even if you’re able to completely dismantle the equipment yourself, where can you dispose of it safely?

Dismantling and Disposal

How you approach the dismantling and disposal of a large play structure will depend on the type of material from which it’s made. Metal structures can be recycled, which is the most environmentally-conscious choice, but only at certain facilities. Wood can be donated for use as reclaimed lumber, but only if it’s in good condition. Since a wooden play structure is often subjected to the elements for years, the lumber is typically damaged and worn.

You’ll need a selection of tools to dismantle components and the main structure, some of which may be specialized implements you don’t have in your toolbox. Once components like swings, slides and bars have been removed, then the work of taking the main structure apart can begin.

This process can be dangerous, due to the height and weight of a typical playset. Because there are so many parts that must be individually removed, it is also important to be sure none are left lying in the immediate area to present a tripping hazard.

Once the entire set has been dismantled, you’re still left with the task of loading, securing and hauling away the pieces to the appropriate disposal or recycling facility. This, of course, comes after you invest time and energy into seeking out those facilities.

Make It Quick and Painless

When you’re ready to get your outdoor revitalization project underway, the last thing you want is to invest valuable time and energy into dismantling and disposing of an unused play structure. To handle the situation safely, quickly and with minimal stress, it’s better to work with seasoned professionals who have the necessary expertise to make quick work of the job.

At Jiffy Junk, our experienced removal technicians will do all the work of dismantling, hauling away and disposing of your unwanted playset. We’ll make sure the parts and components are taken to recycling or donation facilities, minimizing your carbon footprint. Don’t let unwanted junk keep you from reclaiming your backyard retreat. Call Jiffy Junk, and we’ll clear the way for the lawn of your dreams.

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