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Professional Property Cleanouts: Relieve Moving Stress

June 22, 2017.

Moving can be a fun and exciting time in your life, or it can be a stressful experience. Whether you’re downsizing, cleaning out the property of a loved one in preparation to sell a home, or moving your business across town, relying on the experience of professionals can help to ease the anxiety of relocation.

Living or working in the same location for a lengthy period of time means things will gradually accumulate. There will likely be many items you no longer need or want, from furniture and home goods to paper waste. In fact, you may find that a substantial percentage of the things in your space are better suited for donation or disposal than moving to your new location.

Why are Property Cleanouts So Exhausting?

It’s not just the physical weight of your belongings that makes moving difficult. Regardless of your reasons for moving and purging items, it’s likely to be an emotionally draining task. Sorting through years of memories and collected items is exhausting under the best of circumstances.

Just working out the logistics of a relatively simple and straightforward move requires a lot of time and energy. When you barely have enough time to execute a plan, property cleanouts add another layer of anxiety.

Ideally, you’ll clear out items you don’t plan to take with you before you start packing the things you’ll move. Unfortunately, life seldom goes according to plan. If you find yourself pressed for time, which will inevitably happen when the moving ball starts rolling, you’re already behind schedule before you begin.

This is where the assistance and expertise of professionals can make all the difference.

Getting Professional Assistance for Your Big Move

Working with a team of professionals does more than simply free up your time. When someone comes in to make a clean sweep of the items you plan to dispose of or donate, you’re able to reap several benefits.

First and foremost is preventing damage to your home or business structure. If you’re trying to rush a number of bulky items out in order to make room for packing, you’re likely to chip, dent or damage walls and doors along the way. In the end, you’re creating more work for yourself in repairs, in addition to spending valuable time you could be using to handle other issues related to furniture and waste removal.

You’ll also be able to save yourself several trips to donation, recycling and disposal centers. Even if you have access to a full-size pickup truck, you’re looking at a limited amount of space per trip and multiple destinations. When you’re not trying to wrestle with heavy, bulky items, you’re also less likely to encounter injury or exhaustion with their potential to further impact a tight timeline.

For business and residential moves in the NYC and Long Island area, let us make the process more efficient and less exhausting. At Jiffy Junk, our trained professionals will remove all your unwanted items, sending them to the appropriate donation, recycling and disposal facilities. When you’re ready to make a move with confidence, call us to eliminate some of the stress of moving.

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