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Questions to Ask Junk Removal Companies

November 10, 2020.

Do you need junk removal service? Accumulating junk is unavoidable. It’s something that we fall prey to, whether we realize it or not. Over time, our furniture wears out, our electronics wear down, we outgrow our clothes and we buy things to replace outdated ones.

Many of us also hold on to junk for sentimental reasons. We like to hold on to things even when we don’t see or use them for years. But getting rid of junk from time to time can offer huge benefits to people.

Why You Should Remove Junk From Your Home

Don’t wait until spring to do some cleaning and downsizing. Getting rid of junk clears up your home. You can see the beauty of your home much better when there is no junk occupying it.

According to studies, clutter increases stress levels. The more clutter you can see, the more stressed you become. When you get rid of clutter, your stress levels go down.

Just imagine entering an organized home free from clutter. Everything is in the right place. There is a storage area for all the things that you own.

Junk removal is more than just getting rid of the things you no longer need. It’s also about making room for what matters most in your life. You can’t have room for the things that are important to you if you still cling to your old stuff.

Junk also becomes a reservoir for dirt and dust. They collect these particles that cause allergies. If you have poor respiratory health or your immune system is not the best, you should get rid of junk to prevent allergens from taking up residence in your home.

Removing junk from your home makes your space more appealing. It also helps you live your life to the fullest since you are not just maintaining all your old stuff.

It’s for your safety as well. Junk removal companies can also get rid of debris and construction materials. These can cause accidents if you leave them there.

Types of Junk That Can Be Hauled By Junk Removal Service

Pretty much anything that you want removed from your home can be removed through a junk removal service. Here are some common household junk that can be picked up:


It’s hard to get rid of furniture. Firstly, they are big and bulky. Secondly, they cost some money to dispose of. You can try your local curbside junk removal. Call them first to find out if they can pick up your old furniture.

If you have a lot of furniture to get rid of, it’s best to hire junk removal companies. Jiffy Junk can come over to your home and pick up the furniture. You don’t need to do anything. We can do the heavy-lifting for you.


Appliances are just as difficult to get rid of as furniture because of their size. It’s also hard to dispose of because you don’t know what sort of chemicals could leak from there. Old refrigerators and air conditioners, for instance, could leak toxic freon. You can’t just dispose of them like you would with your fridge.

Big appliances such as air conditioners, washing machines, and refrigerators are also heavy. Furthermore, if you are living alone, you might have a hard time loading them up in your vehicle for disposal. This is why you should consider hiring professionals to do the job.


Get rid of old carpets. They harbor bacteria and viruses that can’t be seen by the naked eye. The allergens in the carpet can cause a variety of respiratory illnesses.

If you come into contact with a bacteria-riddled carpet, you could also end up with gastroenteritis, pink eye, and a variety of health issues.

It’s best to get rid of old carpets. You can’t do it alone. We at Jiffy Junk will help you rip up your old carpet, roll it up and load it at the back of our truck.

We will dispose of your old carpet properly so you never have to deal with it anymore.

Construction Debris

Did you just recently renovate your home? Chances are, you still have a lot of leftover debris from the construction. You might have debris from the demolition. You might have used wood, old flooring, toilet, and many other things.

Don’t sweat it when you can get junk removal service to get rid of them for you. What’s great is that junk removal companies will clear up your area as well so it would be as if you didn’t have renovations at all.

Benefits of Hiring a Junk Removal Service

Can’t you just get rid of your junk yourself? Why do you have to get a junk removal service? These might be the questions you are asking yourself.

There are benefits to a professional junk removal service such as the following:

You Don’t Have to Lift a Finger

One of the benefits of hiring a junk removal service is that you never have to lift a finger to remove junk at home. Jiffy Junk, for instance, can come over to your home and pick up whatever it is you want to get rid of. If you have junk in the basement, we can pick it up for you.

If you have construction debris somewhere in the house, you don’t need to transfer them to somewhere more accessible. Our team can pick it up no matter where it is. It is a much easier approach to junk removal.

You Get Cleaner Results

Curbside junk removal is often selective. There might be things they don’t want to pick up. They also don’t care if there is still small debris left in your home.

Professional junk removal service will clean the area where the junk is. It’s much more convenient for homeowners who don’t have the extra time to do this.

You Don’t Have to Worry About Disposal

Sure, you can get rid of the junk yourself but do you know where to take it? Furthermore, you will still have to worry about logistics. Will it fit in your car? How far is it to the nearest landfill?

Professional junk removal services will take care of everything, including the pick up and disposal. Jiffy Junk will make sure your junk is disposed of properly and ethically.

They Can Pick It Up Whenever You Want

With other methods of junk disposal, you have to wait for the community curbside schedule. Only then should you bring out your junk to be picked up.

But what if you need to have it removed now? What if you have visitors or you need to have a space renovated? You can hire a professional junk removal service instead.

Questions You Should Ask When Hiring Junk Removal Companies

A junk removal service is not as easy or as simple as you think. You need to hire the most competent junk removal companies to ensure that the process is done efficiently.

When screening your options, here are the questions you should ask:

What Kind of Junk Do You Haul?

You want to make sure that they pick up the junk you want to get rid of. If there is a particular item that you want to remove from your house, ask the junk removal company if they will accommodate your request.

Additionally, find out if they have minimum stipulations on how much junk they can get rid of. What if you only have one appliance to remove? What if you only have a couch to get rid of?

Most junk removal services have a starting rate. Even if you only have one or two pieces to get rid of, they will charge you this base rate.

How Many People Will Do the Job?

This will depend on the amount of junk you have. Usually, junk removal companies will check the site first to determine the scope of work and determine how many people will work on it.

You should know what to expect. This is why you should find out how many people will work on junk removal.

Will Everything Be Done for Me?

You should ask if you will have to collect all the junk outside your home or if they will just go inside your home where the junk is and pick it up from there. It can be hard to carry heavy furniture or appliances from the basement or even the attic.

It’s better to look for a junk removal service that includes everything. That said, they should be able to pick up and haul the junk without making you do the heavy lifting.

How Do You Charge for the Junk Removal Service?

Will you be charged for the truckload? Most junk removal companies charge their clients per truckload. However, you also need to make sure that this doesn’t come with additional charges.

The junk removal company can impose additional charges if there is additional work involved such as hauling the items from the attic. Since it will require more work to transfer them to the truck, you might need to spend more money.

Good junk removal services are transparent about these fees. There should be a proper breakdown of the included fees.

You should first ask for an estimate. This will give you an idea of how much their services will cost you. You can use this as a comparison guide when choosing from different junk removal services.

What Kind of Truck Do You Use?

If the junk removal service charges by the truckload, it’s important to look for one that uses big trucks. This is to ensure that you can maximize every truckload and lower down the costs of junk removal.

Are You Licensed To Do Junk Removal?

You would want to work with professionals. This is to ensure that they will take care of your home.

Junk removal is more than just getting rid of junk. They should also know how to properly haul these items so that they won’t accidentally damage your home. Make sure you check their credentials and learn more about their experience before dealing with them.

Does Your Service Include Insurance?

If one of their workers drops the refrigerator he is hauling and this leaves a dent in your flooring, who will shoulder the repair costs? Make sure you choose a junk removal company with insurance to protect you from these unforeseen circumstances.

How Do They Dispose of the Junk?

It’s also important to find out how they dispose of the junk. Do they check the items for things that can be recycled? Do they drop off these items in a recycling center or do they go straight to a landfill?

If you are conscious about their process, look for a junk removal service with ethical and sustainable methods. Make sure they practice ways to reduce the trash in the landfill.

Tips to Minimize Junk at Home

You can avoid the costs of junk removal and minimize the impact that you have on the environment if you learn how to minimize junk at home.

Practice Mindful Buying

Don’t just everything you fancy. Are you going to use it to the fullest or will it just end up collecting dust at home?

Before buying something, ask yourself if you really need it. Give it a few more days before deciding to buy it. After a few days, the urge to buy will already pass.

Regularly Purge Your Things

Give away or donate things that you don’t need or want anymore. For instance, you can purge your closet at the end of the year and look for things that you don’t need. Give them away to people who want them.

By regularly purging your things, you can make more room for the things that are important in your life. You will also realize how much stuff you own and this might prevent you from acquiring more.

Sell Things That Are Still Useful

If you have old furniture or appliances that are still functional, try selling them. Sort them up and then sell them online. Additionally, you can also try holding a garage sale.

Things to Consider

Take advantage of junk removal service. Make sure your home is the relaxing place you envisioned it to be. By simply getting rid of the things that are no longer needed in your home, you can free up more space.

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