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Quick and Easy Large Item Disposal

January 11, 2018.

When you have bulky waste taking up valuable space, you need to get rid of it in a hurry. Whether it’s derailing progress on a major renovation or just complicating an organizational overhaul, an unwanted item of significant size can be a real pain. There are a number of methods for removal, but choosing the right one will require you to take both item type and time commitment into consideration.

The Dos and Don’ts of Large Item Disposal

First things first; in most cases, you won’t be able to simply pull something down to the curb to be included with your regular garbage pickup. While municipal bulky waste programs do exist, there are guidelines in place for how things must be managed.

Appliances are a notable example of how certain types of waste must be disposed of in accordance with not only municipal guidelines, but also state, local and federal laws.

Refrigerators may be eligible for free pickup through city services, though you’ll have to meet a few conditions. Doors must be removed for safety reasons, and coolants must be handled carefully to prevent an environmental hazard. Models sold prior to 2010 will almost certainly contain a controversial refrigerant phased out by United States Environmental Protection Agency mandate. This coolant must be removed by a licensed technician, so you’ll have to make an appointment with your municipal waste provider.

If you’ve got a newer refrigerator model you’d like to discard, it’s likely not eligible for these free pickup programs at all. You see, the newer coolant is less of an environmental hazard, but it’s also incredibly flammable. In these circumstances, you’ll have to either arrange for private disposal or work with the manufacturer to find recycling options.

Other bulky items may or may not be subject to rules and regulations and will likely require an appointment. If you’re on a tight schedule, the waiting period can immediately eliminate this option.

If you have access to a truck, it can be tempting to just load it up with junk bound for the nearest landfill. This will, of course, have a huge environmental impact and may not even be legal, depending on what you plan to dump.

Streamlining Bulky Trash Removal

What if there were a way to ensure the quick and efficient removal of everything you no longer want in your space?

At Jiffy Junk, we understand how valuable your time is. We offer white-glove junk hauling services to all five boroughs, Suffolk and Nassau Counties. Our trained and experienced technicians will come to your home or place of business to remove everything in your way, even going so far as to uninstall your appliances and leave the space swept clean. Because we prioritize recycling and donation at every opportunity, we’ll even ensure your cleaning project has the smallest possible environmental impact.

Don’t invest time and energy into untangling the red tape of municipal services or trying to navigate the legal implications of large item disposal.

Call today: 844-543-3966.

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