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Recycle Electronics for the Good of the Earth

June 13, 2016.

There is a pressing need to recycle electronics. How many electronic devices do you have in your home? If you are like most people, you have televisions, computers, cell phones and many other electronics around your home. Eventually these devices wear out or become obsolete. When that happens, you need to consider where you will dispose of these items. The electronic devices that make your life more entertaining and convenient can pose a threat to the planet if not recycled properly.

Why You Need to Recycle Electronics

Did you know that many electronics contain as many as 1,000 different chemicals that can be harmful to humans, animals and the environment? This is why it is so important that these devices are not haphazardly thrown into landfills or incinerated. Burning electronics can release many of these materials into the atmosphere, which can be harmful. Instead, these devices should be recycled to remove any beneficial or hazardous materials.

Most electronics contain many useful metals, plastics and glass that can be recycled and reused. Not only does recycling reuse the viable materials in these devices, it saves energy and natural resources. It limits the need to mine new materials for manufacturing. For example, The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) estimates that recycling 1 million laptops saves the same amount of energy that it would take to provide electricity to 3,500 homes for one year. This is an incredible amount of energy that can be saved, especially when you consider the amount of devices that are in every home in the U.S.

Recycling in Suffolk and Nassau Counties

In New York, there are laws and regulations regarding recycling electronics. As of January 2015, it is against the law to throw away electronics. Many devices are not allowed to be put in landfills, including computers, DVD players, fax machines and televisions. There are many places where you can bring your electronics to have them properly e-cycled. Many of the major retailers must accept electronics for recycling, along with local municipality and borough e-cycling centers.

The NYC Department of Sanitation started their recycling program in partnership with Electronic Recyclers International called e-cycleNYC. This program ensures that electronics are collected and recycled within the U.S. using proper techniques. It is important that electronics are recycled here in the U.S., not shipped overseas where they may not be using environmentally-friendly methods in their recycling. It is critical to use a recycling center that adheres to domestic recycling practices to ensure these materials are disposed of safely.

Do you have a cache of electronics that need recycling, along with other items you want removed from your home? Save yourself a trip to the recycling center. Call our friendly team at Jiffy Junk. We are your junk removal experts. We collect and recycle electronics and transport them to the correct disposal sites. including responsible e-cycling centers. Your electronics will be recycled, clearing out those devices from your home while protecting the Earth from hazardous waste.

If you have other items you are no longer using, we can remove and dispose of those items too. They don’t need to be recyclables. We haul to disposal sites and donation centers as well. If you’re not sure about where an item should be taken, we will know the answer. Just give us a call.

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