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How to Recycle Printers and Computer Peripherals

October 11, 2017.

You know it’s important to recycle whenever and wherever you can, but you may be surprised to learn just how many different items are actually recyclable. E-waste isn’t a term that only applies to cell phones and laptops, for instance.

You can recycle printers, monitors, keyboards and other peripherals that are old and unwanted. In fact, New York State law requires consumers to recycle electronic waste, including printers and computer peripherals. The Electronic Equipment Recycling and Reuse Act went into effect on the first day of 2015, making it illegal for residential consumers to dispose of electronic equipment with household garbage at the curb.

Whether you’re fully upgrading the old home office or are in the process of clearing out an estate, e-waste can be some of the most difficult to sort and manage. The average home or business owner doesn’t necessarily know all the recycling options for older electronics and will often have a difficult time figuring out how to safely dispose of their computer peripherals. When your ability to stay on the right side of the law is on the line, it’s important to gather more information.

Why Do Electronics Have to Be Recycled?

Since recycling is a legal requirement for electronic waste, not just the right thing to do, it’s good to understand why this is so important.

First and foremost, monitors, laptops and some peripherals contain heavy metals and other hazardous materials that cannot be safely dumped into a landfill. State law specifically marks these items for mandatory recycling:

  • Televisions (including older models with cathode ray tubes)
  • Small electronics (VCRs, cable or satellite receivers, video game consoles, digital video recorders, portable digital music players, DVDs, digital converter boxes)
  • Computers
  • Computer Peripherals (monitors, keyboards, mice and other pointing devices, fax machines, printers and scanners; cords, cabling and wires incorporated into these products)
  • Small-scale servers

Keeping dangerous items out of landfills, where they can potentially contaminate groundwater and harm the environment, is important for the health of future generations.

Recycle Printers and Small Electronics with Ease

Mail-back programs and drop-off bins in electronics stores are great when you need to dispose of one or two items, but what do you do when there’s an entire household of outdated and unwanted electronics?

If you’re cleaning out a small business to prepare for a big move or equipment upgrade, the job becomes even more difficult to manage. For homeowners and small business owners in Nassau and Suffolk Counties, bulk recycling for small electronics is as easy as picking up the phone. You don’t have to load your vehicle with electronics bound for a drop-off location on the other side of town, and you don’t have to fill the bins in every retail outlet. With electronics pick-up, responsible disposal is a one-and-done deal.

Jiffy Junk technicians provide white-glove pickup services for all your electronic waste, making sure each and every piece goes to the appropriate location for proper recycling and disposal. You’re able to get rid of everything in one fell swoop, and you never have to worry about the legal implications of improper disposal.

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