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Remodeling in NYC: Trash Pickup and Waste Management

June 15, 2018.

It’s easy to get swept away in the excitement of remodeling, but it’s also easy to hamper or completely derail your progress if you forget one aspect of the job: waste management. NYC trash pickup rules are very clear when it comes to construction and demolition waste: you cannot rely upon special DSNY pickup programs if you hire a single person to help complete the project.

Rubble, debris and unwanted items you plan to get rid of as part of your renovation can quickly become unmanageable, hindering your progress and even creating unsafe working conditions. You need a waste management plan you can rely on throughout the process, but complex rules, laws and regulations can make it incredibly difficult.

NYC Trash Pickup Options for Renovations and Remodeling

Large-scale renovations are often handled by general contractors, who take the mess of waste management off your plate. Smaller projects, however, leave you in the driver’s seat. Hiring skilled labor can help to ensure a quality build, but it immediately eliminates the possibility of coordinating with special DSNY programs.

This doesn’t mean you’re in the clear if you do all the work on your own, though. There are still a variety of limitations and restrictions that can leave municipal free pickup programs ill-suited to your unique needs. You’ll have to make special appointments, ensure that all waste is eligible for pickup programs, then make sure you have the right number of appropriately-sized bundles to avoid running afoul of any rules.

When you’re in the middle of managing a renovation project, the last thing you have time for is to count, measure and inventory waste bundles. You need quick, reliable and ethical disposal to keep things moving at the right speed. Time really is money, and who wants to waste either one?

There’s also the environmental impact of your project to consider. Municipal pickup programs tend to offer only the bare minimum required by law when it comes to recycling and other green disposal options, so much of what you place out for collection will inevitably end up in a landfill. Fortunately, there is a better way to get rid of construction and demolition waste while keeping a clear conscience.

Staying on Schedule with Professional Waste Management

You need to be an expert on your remodeling project, not every applicable disposal law and guideline. This is where working with seasoned experts can make all the difference.

Jiffy Junk technicians provide the very best in white-glove waste management, from the smallest organization project to the largest whole-home renovation. Our commitment to environmentally ethical business practices also means we’ll prioritize greener disposal options at every opportunity, even dropping off usable items at donation centers and seeking out nontraditional recycling systems municipal programs may overlook.

Don’t let complications with waste management stretch your patience, timeline or budget. With one phone call, you can make quick work of all your rubble, debris and construction garbage.

Call today: 844-543-3966.

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