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Shed Removal: Shed the Shed

October 26, 2016.

If your old shed has become more of an eyesore than a convenience, and you need some help with shed removal, Jiffy Junk can help. Tearing down an old structure on your property may leave you with a bigger mess than you anticipated. Demolition is hard, tedious work, but the hardest part is getting rid of all the debris that’s left when you’re done.

Jiffy Junk are the experts in demolition and cleanup. We will save you time, headaches and backaches with our White Glove cleanup system. You can leave the task of getting shed removal and cleanup of the jobsite to us. Our experienced crews can sort out the recyclable materials from the debris and dispose of it responsibly for you. When our work is done, there won’t be any left for you to do. That’s the Jiffy Junk White Glove promise.

Need more than just a demolition and cleanup? We will clean out your shed, garage, attic, or wherever you need to make more space. Jiffy Junk handles furniture pickup, appliance hauling, construction debris cleanup and more. Take a good look around your property and think about all the additional room you can have with a professional cleanout. Then consider that it can be a reality in a jiffy with just one phone call to your neighborhood junk hauling professionals at Jiffy Junk.

Much More than Shed Removal

Real estate isn’t cheap on Long Island, so you need to make the most of what you’ve got, we know. It isn’t unusual for our customers to realize how much more real estate they can reclaim once they’ve had a thorough cleanup of their spaces. You probably have some things taking up space that you haven’t used in years. What you may not think about is that replacing those items if you ever actually do need them again would probably cost less than the cost of storing them all this time. And Jiffy Junk can find a grateful home for all your unused things. We will donate your old goods in your name.

Got some storm damage to an outbuilding and want to rebuild? Our courteous and efficient crew will arrive on your schedule to tear it all down and clean up the area. No need to spend your weekends digging through rubble and hauling it yourself. We will even recycle any materials that can be reused. We are a 100% environmentally friendly company, and we adhere to all federal, state and local regulations regarding junk hauling, recycling, and disposal.

Forget about leaving a lot of hazardous materials, rusty hardware, broken glass, sharp metal and who knows what else laying around in your yard. Let Jiffy Junk clear it all out for you quickly and affordably. Give us a call today or book us online for a risk-free estimate. Any size job, big or small, we are ready to get it done. Ask about our volume pricing and let us quote you a competitive price on all your hauling needs.

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