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Should You Junk It? Junk Removal with a Conscience in Austin

August 13, 2019.

There’s something special about the excitement of bringing home a new piece of furniture or random new belongings, but a home can only hold so much. When your space is overflowing with items you no longer truly need or have use for, it’s time to do some long and hard thinking about what you can stand to remove from your space. Clearing away the old to make room for the new can often mean getting rid of perfectly good, usable items for which you simply no longer have a use or a want, leaving you in a quandary. Do you keep something which is essentially useless to you, or do you junk it? Junk removal can help you streamline and organize all your spaces, but it can also contribute to landfill crowding and other environmental concerns.

What if there were a way you could rid yourself of unwanted goods, clean out your space and organize everything without the burden of knowing your cleaning project has had a negative impact on the local environment? There’s more to waste management in Austin than the municipal services offered by Austin Resource Recovery, and there are more options for large waste than a single bulk pickup week per year through the City of Austin. Learn how you can do your part to help work toward Austin’s Zero Waste goal, even if you end up working with an ethical and eco-friendly private waste hauler to accomplish your goals.

Donate It or Junk It? Junk Removal and Donation, Streamlined

Sometimes you need to get rid of things because they’re broken beyond repair, worn out completely or otherwise unusable. Other times, you might find yourself disposing of a perfectly serviceable item that’s simply no longer to your liking or not in keeping with a new decorating style. When this happens, you’re left with two options: donate it, or junk it. Junk removal services, for the most part, focus on collecting things you want to remove from your space and disposing of them quickly. This often means everything is collected and dumped at the nearest landfill, with exceptions made only to maintain minimum compliance with local, state and federal disposal laws.

This doesn’t have to be the case, though. Not all private hauling and waste management providers are the same, and some do have as deep a commitment to the environment as they do to their clients. With a bit of research into all your options, you can make an informed decision that helps you clear away unwanted items with minimal stress, anxiety and environmental impact.

Your first option is to work with Austin Resource Recovery, assuming you’re not facing any deadlines and have the ability to move all your large items down to the curb for pickup. Bulk collection week happens once each year, and items must be separated into three separate piles: metal items, passenger car tires removed from their rims, and non-metal items. Tires and metal items, which includes household appliances, will be taken to a recycling center. Non-metal items that are not tires, however, are taken to the landfill despite Austin’s Zero Waste goal because there simply are no programs in place to mitigate landfill impact during bulk collection. These piles must be distinctly separate but must also be kept five feet from any walls, fences, telephone connection boxes, meters, mailboxes, trash carts or parked vehicles. You’re also not allowed to toss out anything small enough to be containerized, which means you can only rid yourself of the largest items you no longer want or need in this manner.

Most of the time, life won’t wait for annual municipal bulk collection events. When you’re preparing for a major life event, working to close the estate of a loved one, getting ready for a big move or otherwise under time constraints, working with Austin Resource Recovery’s schedule just isn’t an option. This means you’re left to either manage the logistics and stress of hauling everything yourself, or to find a high-quality, ecologically-focused private hauler who understands your dedication to greener disposal.

Choosing an Ethical Private Hauler in Austin

At Jiffy Junk, we know life doesn’t often cooperate with municipal schedules. We also know how important it is to protect the planet for future generations, so we work hard to help our customers keep their conscience as clean as their spaces. 

Our removal technicians will come to your home or place of business in Austin to remove anything you no longer want in your space, but we handle those items a bit differently. Anything in usable condition is immediately set aside for transportation not to a landfill, but to a donation center. This allows furniture, household goods, clothing and other valuable items for which you may no longer have a need to stay in the community, where they can be of aid rather than ending up causing harm in the local landfill.

For everything else, we work hard to find sustainable disposal solutions which do not include landfill dumping whenever possible. Sometimes this means looking beyond municipal recycling centers to find community-based initiatives, but we place the highest importance on doing what’s right for the planet and passing our minimized footprint along to our treasured customers.

Because we’re also dedicated to providing the very best in white-glove service, you never have to worry about wrestling heavy items down to the curb or sorting your unwanted items into piles for recycling and donation. We’ll uninstall appliances before hauling them away for disposal, tear up old carpeting and padding and even leave your newly cleared spaces swept clean so they’re ready for whatever you have planned. Our full-service hauling solution makes it easy for you to take care of all your trash, recycling and donation tasks with a single phone call, no stress and no wrangling with the red tape of municipal schedules. Call us today to learn more about our sustainable, ethical and customer-focused system of waste management so you can reclaim your space without adding to the Austin landfill burden.

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