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Storage Facility Cleanout

July 23, 2017.

Has your storage unit become an expensive place to keep things you never use? If you’re paying for a unit with no intention of retrieving items from it in the near future, a good purging might be in order. If the thought of tackling such a big job gives you a case of the blues, you’re not alone. In fact, many storage units are filled with items people have mostly forgotten about, and are opened only to add more to the pile.

Even if you do plan to one day make room for the items you’re storing, regular cleaning of your storage unit is still a wise idea. Don’t lose sight of the things in your unit with monetary or sentimental value because they’re buried under broken gadgets, outgrown toys, and burned-out holiday lights.

How to Plan and Execute Your Storage Cleaning Project

Like any big project, the key to success during a storage facility cleanout is to plan in advance and call for reinforcements. In order to effectively separate the junk and clutter from the treasures in your storage unit, you’ll need to pull everything out into the open.

This serves two important purposes. First, you can’t figure out what you want to keep versus what should be removed if you can’t see everything. Second, you’ll need to be on the lookout for signs of insect or rodent activity. Even in clean, well-maintained units within climate-controlled facilities, your unit is dark and cool most of the year. This is the perfect breeding ground for guests of the pest variety.

Once you’ve removed everything, it’s time to start separating what you plan to put back in the unit from what you want to dispose of, what you want to donate to charity, and what you plan to take home. When you’re finished, you can replace the items that will be staying in the unit and load the ones bound for your house into your vehicle. What should you do with the piles bound for donation and disposal, though?

Professional Assistance for Your Storage Facility Cleanout

The work of sorting through your belongings is strenuous enough. Trying to locate the appropriate facilities for donation, recycling, and disposal adds an entirely new project to your to-do list. Unless you have a pickup truck and a few days with nothing on the agenda, it’s simply not feasible to manage this aspect of storage unit organization yourself.

We understand how physically and mentally exhausting it can be to purge, organize, and clean a storage unit. That’s why our trained Jiffy Junk professionals offer the white-glove service you need to make quick work of a hard job. We’ll take your unwanted items to donation centers, recycling facilities, and disposal locations to ensure you have a clean conscience and a clean storage unit.

Don’t let items you no longer need make it impossible for you to reach things you want to keep in your storage unit. When your storage unit is organized and accessible, you may be surprised by how often you make use of the things you’re paying to store safely.

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