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Storm Cleanup: Who Has Time for That?

September 28, 2016.

You’ve got a full plate already without the added headache of storm cleanup. Let’s face it, we’ve seen our share of bad weather here on Long Island and we’re all too familiar with the havoc Mother Nature can wreak. Fallen trees, damaged roofs and tossed debris have to be cleared away. As if raking leaves or shoveling snow wasn’t enough to deal with, right?

We’re Here to Help with Storm Cleanup

Between hurricane season and snow season, we know a lot of New Yorkers have been keeping extra busy in recent years. Islanders are a tough bunch, though, and we get through it, but everyone can use an extra hand on occasion. There’s no shame in that. You just don’t have time enough to get it all done on your own.

When you need help with storm cleanup, the hauling folks at Jiffy Junk are standing by to get the job done for you. If you’ve got damage from fallen tree limbs to clear away – downed fences, broken lawn furniture or flood damage – we will clear out the mess.

Storm cleanup is time-consuming work that in the long run costs Islanders money in lost time at work, lost revenue at their place of business, etc. It’s hazardous work, and we’re equipped for it. Don’t risk injury from broken glass and damaged structures. We can haul off concrete debris, window glass, and trash to save you time and strain.

Some of that storm cleanup may require recycling materials that by law should not be simply tossed in the trash. Besides, you’re too environmentally conscientious for that, you’d prefer it be handled the right way. It just takes a lot of time to do it right.

A Helping Hand at Home or at Work

That’s where Jiffy Junk comes in. We recycle for a living. Let us handle all the sorting of materials and get them where they need to go for proper disposal. We are pledged to handling every job we undertake in accordance with all federal, state and local guidelines. So you never have to worry about the red tape or the hassles of storm cleanup again.

If your basement has flooded and you need some large items hauled away, we’ll get that handled for you too. Appliances, furniture, wet carpet and debris. Leave it for us to clean out of your home. Got some storm damage to clean up at your store or office? We know time is money for you. Leave the cleanup to us, and we’ll make quick work of the mess so you can get back to business quickly.

After a storm, local sanitation crews understandably tend to stay very busy. Getting debris hauled away can take a while when there’s so much to be done. You don’t have to wait to be rid of your debris. Book an appointment online or to get a quote. We will schedule storm cleanup at a convenient time and clean it up in a jiffy. Big jobs or small, Jiffy Junk can handle them all.

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