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Strange Things You Might Find in Broward County Rubbish

January 15, 2019.

Amid the everyday detritus of modern life, some strange things are lurking. Broward County rubbish collectors find all sorts of odd items, some of them more unusual than others. You might be surprised to learn more about not only what ends up in the waste bin, but where it all ends up when everything is said and done.

Where Does Broward County Rubbish Go?

To uncover the dirty truth about Broward County rubbish management, you first must know where waste ends up if it’s not recycled or repurposed.

Towering over the surrounding landscape at a staggering 20 stories, Monarch Hill Renewable Energy Park is better known as “Mount Trashmore” to area residents. Though it began as a modest 100-foot pile of waste in 1965 in what was then a relatively remote area, now this 200-foot high waste heap is approaching peak capacity. Among the household waste you’d expect to find in the landfill, though, there are plenty of surprises.

Recycled Items

With a lofty state goal of 75% recycling by 2020, you’d expect most of the items separated for recycling would end up at the appropriate facilities. The truth of the matter is that not everything in a recycling bin will be processed. Chemical residue renders many plastic containers unusable, and plastic bags aren’t recyclable at all. In fact, the film plastic that makes its way into recycling bins often gets entangled in processing equipment at recycling facilities and must then be removed by hand. Publix grocery store chain does recycle these bags, but you have to take them to the store yourself; pickup services are not available. This means every plastic bag and many of the containers you’ve carefully separated for recycling are actually sitting in Mount Trashmore, contributing to its untenable growth rate. Another unexpected wrench in the system is the tiny number etched inside a “recyclable” triangle on a plastic bottle. Items marked with a 1 or 2 are easily turned into other objects, even t-shirts, so there is a healthy market for them. Higher numbers are more difficult to sell, and without a buyer, a recycling center will eventually send those items to a landfill anyway.

An Unexpected Energy Source

A greenhouse gas known to damage the ozone layer, methane is present in abundance in landfills; Monarch Hill is no exception. While the presence of methane in a landfill may not come as much of a surprise, its usefulness as an energy source might. An estimated 5,000 area homes are powered by an on-site electricity-generating plant at Monarch Hill, with 500 gas wells for collection throughout the site.

Trained Wildlife

Vultures are a common sight at landfills, as are seagulls and other local birds. They’re not often seen at Monarch Hill, though; this is because there are trained birds of prey on site to keep other birds away from the landfill.

Doing Your Part to Keep Broward County Rubbish in Check

South Floridians throw away about ten pounds of waste per person every single day, which is roughly double the national average. Waste management studies in 2010 indicated about 52% of this waste had the potential to be recycled. Doing your part to fight the growing pile of Broward County rubbish at Monarch Hill means taking the time to ensure everything you’re setting out for recycling pickup is actually recyclable and making a conscious effort to reduce the number of disposable items you use on a daily basis. 

It’s easy to start better habits on an everyday level, but what do you do when you’re facing a big cleaning project sure to generate a lot of waste? How can you be sure, even if you take the time to make the painstaking effort of separating all waste items, that what you send out won’t just end up in Monarch Hill at the end of the process? The entire facility is reaching a defining moment as whole sections are covered with enormous tarps to act as temporary caps until the facility eventually reaches capacity and is closed.

Our commitment to white-glove service excellence isn’t our only mission at Jiffy Junk; we also aim to help people reduce their environmental impact when large projects rear their trash-filled heads. We work hard to keep our own footprint small, something we’re able to pass along to our customers each and every time we collect their waste. Our trained and experienced technicians will come to your home or your place of business to collect anything and everything you need to get rid of, no job too large or too small. We’ll do the heavy lifting, so there’s no need to uninstall unwanted appliances or lug ungainly furniture down to the curb. 

Our job doesn’t end when the truck is loaded, though. We take the time to sort through everything we collect, setting aside items in usable condition and those that can be recycled. If it’s still in decent shape, we’ll donate it to local charitable organizations, so it stays in the community to do good, rather than clogging up a landfill when it could be of service to those in need. 

What about the items we can’t take to a donation center? We’ll ensure they head to the right recycling facilities, even taking advantage of programs municipal waste management and other private haulers may not. Because our mission is to take as little as possible to the landfill, we work hard to find sustainable, ethical and responsible disposal solutions.

At the end of the day, you’re left with a space free of unwanted items, dust and cobwebs, ready for whatever comes next. You’re able to rest peacefully, knowing the mountain of waste you needed to manage didn’t become part of the towering Mount Trashmore. No manual labor, no guilty conscience and no missed deadlines waiting to find a more ethical disposal solution. No matter the size or the nature of your job, we’re here to help. Call Jiffy Junk today or book online to learn more about our environmental and social commitments, along with our fair rates and excellent service.

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