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Foreclosure Cleanout Stress Free

January 25, 2017.

If you are a homeowner facing foreclosure or a realtor needing a foreclosure cleanout, you’re already facing enough stress. You need help getting your property cleaned out quickly and affordably. Jiffy Junk will do your foreclosure cleanout without the stress.

Large scale cleanouts call for a professional service to get the work done fast and efficiently. In many foreclosure cases, there is substantial damage to the home that requires professional cleaning as well. Jiffy Junk offers the expertise and equipment to make quick work of your foreclosure cleanout.

Our hauling experts will organize your cleanout to get everything out of your property with no damage, and no strain on you. We will transport the goods to storage or recycling at your discretion. Our White Glove Treatment will leave you with a property that is ready to be placed back on the market with minimal delay.

Schedule a Foreclosure Cleanout with Jiffy Junk

When you’ve got a house full of unwanted belongings standing between you and a resale, the sooner you can get rid of everything the better. Jiffy Junk understands the value of your time, and works quickly to complete foreclosure cleanouts.

Consider the assortment of goods in the average home, and the volume of space it all requires for transport. There’s a lot of stuff to move, and it all needs to be disposed of different ways. Some of those belongings may be recyclable, reusable, or will need to be taken to waste collection sites. Getting it all done efficiently takes expertise other services can’t provide, and equipment that would be expensive to rent.

Jiffy Junk brings it all to the job, so all you need to do is schedule an appointment and relax. Our White Glove Treatment will leave your property in spotless condition, ready to show to prospective buyers before you know it.

Estate Cleanouts, Hoarding Cleanouts and More

We bring our expertise and efficiency to many other jobs too. If you have an estate that needs to be cleaned out or a rental unit that’s been vacated, we will haul away the contents for you. Jiffy Junk will recycle any recyclable goods and donate items that can be reused, at your request.

Hoarding cleanouts are a cinch to tackle when you have the resources and know-how to do the job. Jiffy Junk will provide considerate and prompt cleanout for hoarding situations. We are experts in disposal of hazardous materials, and always adhere to New York regulations regarding proper disposal.

Let Jiffy Junk pick up your old furniture, carpeting or appliances. We can have your home or business cleaned out and cleaned up, ready for your next project in a jiffy.  Ask about our office cleanout and construction debris removal services.

Call us for a no-risk estimate, with volume pricing available to make any size job affordable for you. We will never charge you more than the quoted price for the job you need done. We are the Earth-friendly haulers and recycling professionals in Nassau and Suffolk Counties, and in Queens. At Jiffy Junk, we value your time and your property as much as you do.

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