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The Stress-Free Way to Get Rid of Furniture

December 16, 2017.

Furniture can be the backbone of a family home or it can be a millstone around your neck. When you have more furniture than you need, are responsible for cleaning out an estate, or are a landlord dealing with the abandoned belongings of former tenants, it’s typically the latter. Large, bulky and ungainly pieces aren’t just difficult to move; they’re often difficult to secure new homes for.

Valuable antiques are one thing, because these rare pieces may fetch a great price. Old and worn pieces without the value of antiquity aren’t likely to sell at all. You may struggle to even find a donation center for upholstered pieces due to bedbug and general hygiene concerns.

Get Rid of Furniture Ethically and Responsibly

You want to get rid of furniture you don’t need, but you also want to minimize your negative impact on the planet. Keeping these pieces out of a landfill can be a challenge, but there are some responsible options for disposal.

The greenest and most ethical way to dispose of unwanted furniture is donation, which only becomes a tricky situation for soft items, like sofas and mattresses. Everything from kitchen implements to huge dining room tables will usually be gladly accepted by charitable organizations. You can even look for organizations dedicated to needs about which you are passionate, so you’re able to take care of the planet and your community in one fell swoop.

Recycling and repurposing are also options that limit your landfill impact, but these both rely heavily upon your ability to easily transport items to drop-off locations. It’s relatively rare to find either recycling centers or donation centers which offer item pickup. Of the charitable organizations that do offer such services, you’re likely to wait weeks or even months for the next available appointment in densely populated urban areas with high demand.

Even if you have access to a truck and willing assistants, you will almost certainly have to make multiple trips to more than one location. This means you’ll need to dedicate a substantial amount of time, manual labor, and transportation to the task at hand. When you balance the costs in terms of expense and time lost, working with professionals can save you quite a bit of money.

The Value of Quick and Easy Furniture Disposal

There are hidden costs associated with managing your own hauling and removal, especially if you’re doing the difficult work of cleaning out the estate of a beloved family member. Being able to set your own schedule while dramatically decreasing the amount of time required to dispose of furniture is a worthwhile expense, in most cases.

At Jiffy Junk, we know how hard it is to manage the removal of furniture in the middle of other, more pressing situations. Our trained technicians come to your location in all five boroughs, Suffolk or Nassau County to remove furniture, no heavy lifting required on your part. We’ll transport to charity donation centers of your choosing, and we’ll always prioritize green disposal options over landfill dumping, so you can feel good about your choice.

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