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The Challenges of Large Rubbish Removal in Austin

November 29, 2019.

Do you have an old hot tub or grill that is taking up space in your backyard? Are you ready to take back your garage from the overflow of junk that you’ve accumulated over the years? When you need to clear away large items or extensive garbage from your home in Austin, it can come with many challenges. Here are some of the factors to consider before you tackle large rubbish removal.

Is It Junk or Does It Have Value?

Before you schedule a large rubbish removal service, you will want to consider whether the items have value. While you may just want it gone, you should evaluate whether items can be recycled or reused. Throwing items that still have value, like a used couch or metal items that can be recycled, can add to the overflowing landfill problem. It is important to consider if any of your “rubbish” is worth saving or recycling to keep it out of the landfills. Items that should be recycled or reused can include:

  • Furniture in good condition
  • Clothing in good condition
  • Metal, glass and paper that can be recycled
  • Electronics, which should be e-cycled – there are free e-cycling centers in Austin
  • Bicycles, toys and household items can be reused by families in need
  • Working appliances – non-working appliances can be recycled

You may be surprised how much “junk” still has value. Jiffy Junk can make it easier to determine what items are useable and bring them to the appropriate recycling centers or charity donation drop-off sites in Austin. We offer large rubbish removal in Austin, collecting all your junk and sorting out the valuable items to reduce the amount of waste that is added to landfills.

No Truck?

When you need large rubbish removal, you need a truck. If you don’t own a truck, it can mean borrowing one or even renting one. Even with a standard truck, if you have appliances, furniture or a large amount of accumulated junk, you could need to make several trips to finish the job. It may be better to hire a junk removal company that has large vehicles to remove large amounts of junk.

Jiffy Junk has vehicles of all sizes to remove all types of junk. Even if you have a truck, do you want to risk damaging it hauling a large item? It is easier to let our crews haul your unneeded items away in our professional junk removal trucks and vehicles.

Is Your Rubbish Heavy or Too Big?

If you are cleaning out a garage that is full of unneeded items or removing a giant item like a hot tub or chest freezer, it is very challenging. You may need to enlist the help of friends or family to lift heavy items, especially if you have physical limitations. Removal of hot tubs is especially difficult as few people have the equipment or vehicles needed to haul such a large, heavy item away. Even appliances can be very challenging to remove, especially when you live in a multiple-story dwelling.

Don’t strain your back or make your friends spend their free time helping you move heavy junk. Our professional techs at Jiffy Junk have the right training, tools, muscle power and vehicles to remove heavy or large items, even hot tubs. Let us do the heavy lifting to keep you safe and prevent unneeded accidents from large rubbish removal.

The Cost of Large Rubbish Removal

Do you think it will be cheaper to clean out your garage or haul away large items on your own? There are more costs to disposing of junk than you may think. You could need to rent a vehicle and pay for fuel back and forth to disposal centers. Plus, if you go to a transfer station or landfill, you will need to spend money on disposal fees. For large rubbish removal, it may can be based on weight or per item, depending on what the rubbish is.

On top of the actual cost of transportation and disposal, your time is worth money. How long will you spend putting trash into bags, loading rubbish, driving to/from disposal centers and unloading your rubbish? It can add up to more than you realize. When you count the time and actual costs, hiring a professional rubbish removal company like Jiffy Junk to do it all for you can seem like a bargain.

Exposure to Dust, Dirt and Other Substances

Large rubbish removal is dirty work. Whether you are cleaning out your uncle’s house due to a hoarding issue or just hauling away dirty items from your garden shed, it can be messy. Dust, mold and other substances can trigger allergies or asthma, aside from making a big mess.

At Jiffy Junk, we are ready to do the dirty work for you. Our crews are prepared to protect themselves from contaminants and we will carefully bag loose garbage and remove filthy appliances. Not only do you not need to get dirty or deal with the dust, we will provide cleaning when we are through. Our White Glove Treatment guarantees you a broom-clean area once we complete your large rubbish removal service.

Your Solution for Large Rubbish Removal

When you need large items removed and hauled away or a whole area cleaned of junk, it doesn’t need to be a challenge. Jiffy Junk is your solution for removing appliances, furniture, trash or random junk from your home or business in Austin. We are licensed and insured, with professional techs that will show up on time to perform your rubbish removal. Plus, we will make sure that items that can be reused are donated to charity and recyclable items are brought to the proper recycling centers. We provide the labor, equipment and vehicles for a competitive rate, making it simple and affordable to have your junk removed.

Next time you need bulky items gone or want to clear away a large amount of trash, contact us at Jiffy Junk in Austin.

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