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The Ins and Outs of Residential Junk Removal in Broward County

March 20, 2020.

Getting rid of household waste is simple; you chuck it into a bin and roll it down to the curb before the truck arrives. Sometimes, though, waste management isn’t quite so simple. Residential junk removal projects can be time-consuming and labor-intensive, but they can also be a logistical nightmare. Figuring out when and how municipal services offer special bulk pickup can be a task in and of itself; taking advantage of those services can be even more complicated.

For residents of Broward County, there are a few things to consider before settling on a waste management solution. From the state of the local landfill to your ability to stay on schedule, and everything in between, there’s so much to think about, it can be completely overwhelming. Fortunately, there are ways to navigate the process that simplify things considerably. When you’re armed with the knowledge you need to make an informed decision, you can move forward with your project in confidence.

What You Should Know About Broward County Residential Junk Removal

Broward County Solid Waste and Recycling Services does provide municipal bulk removal for residential customers, but special collection days only happen once each month. These collection days are scheduled by the Solid Waste and Recycling Services staff, which means you may need to first take a close look at your schedule before you make any other plans. Some projects only come with self-imposed deadlines, but others can be a bit more urgent.

When you’re preparing to move and trying to shed things you don’t want to take with you, there are leases and closing dates to consider. Schedules matter when you’re closing a loved one’s estate and clearing a home for the next occupant, or when you’re dealing with an urgent hoarding situation. Cleaning out a storage unit before the next round of rent, making room for a new family member in your home or a vast array of unique circumstances all demand timely access to residential junk removal.

Should you be fortunate enough to find that your schedule aligns with that of Broward County Solid Waste and Recycling services, you’re still not quite out of the woods. Regulations, limitations on what collectors will accept and potentially prohibitive heavy lifting requirements also come into play.

For example, residents are limited in what they can place out for collection. Items like household chemicals, automotive parts and construction debris are prohibited. Equally important, you are not allowed to place debris resulting from any commercial activity out for bulk collection. This includes any waste generated by paid lawn care services or other service providers. Should you place items which collectors will not accept at the curb, those unacceptable items will not be moved in order to reach those which could be collected. This means you could find yourself with a significant amount of waste still sitting at the curb at the end of the day, just because there were a few forbidden items in the way.

Broward County municipal waste management also does not offer full-service collection. This means if you’re not physically capable of maneuvering heavy and ungainly items down to the curb before trucks arrive, you’re essentially out of luck. Even if you do manage to get waste to the curb with minimal difficulty, you still have to stop and consider the environmental impact of your project.

Monarch Hill Renewable Energy Park, the landfill serving Broward County, is better known by its unflattering moniker “Mount Trashmore.” The highest manmade landform in Broward County, the landfill is rapidly approaching full capacity. Less than 23 acres remain available for accepting waste without demolishing existing structures, and the facility sprawls over 500 acres. The landfill is plagued by odor issues and has even been at the center of a few legal disputes; and it’s the end of the road for most of what is collected on bulk pickup days.

How do you keep your project environmentally ethical, on schedule and manageable when municipal services lack the infrastructure to donate usable bulk items and only operate on a fixed schedule? You may be surprised to learn that working with a private hauler can be not only more environmentally friendly and convenient, but also a better value than municipal pickup.

Choosing a Residential Junk Removal Service Provider

You need waste removal that works on your schedule without straining your wallet or the planet’s resources. At Jiffy Junk, we understand just how pressing waste removal can be, and the crucial importance of protecting the environment.

When we remove items you no longer want or need from your home, we take care to separate any furniture or household items in usable condition for delivery to local donation centers. If it can’t be donated, we look for ways to dispose of it sustainably and only rely on the landfill as an absolute last resort. Because we also understand that time really is money, we make a point of helping you completely outsource waste management. When we’re on the job, you’re totally free to focus on all the things on your project to-do list that no one else can manage.

Our white-glove service promise means you never have to worry about straining to get heavy items out of the house and down to the curb. We remove your unwanted furniture from the room it’s occupying, uninstall appliances marked for disposal and even tear out old carpeting. We do all the heavy lifting while you focus on everything else you have to handle. You’re also able to feel good about your choices, knowing you sent usable items to donation centers over the brimming landfill and worked to mitigate your environmental footprint.

At Jiffy Junk, we do things differently so you can quickly and efficiently manage even the most overwhelming project. Contact us today to find out how we can reduce your burden, simplify your project and put an end to junk-related stress. Together, we can turn even a mountain of waste into the work of a moment, all with a single phone call.

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