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The Secret to Same-Day Junk Removal in Austin

March 6, 2020.

Some projects can wait until everything aligns and you’re able to work within the municipal bulk disposal framework for waste disposal. Other projects require same-day junk removal you can rely on, in order to stay on schedule. Large-scale cleaning, purging and organizing are stressful enough without worrying about looming deadlines; when you’re in the middle of a big job, you need all the peace of mind you can get. Knowing the ins and outs of high-volume disposal in Austin can help you stay ahead of the game and right on schedule.

Why Austin Resource Recovery Doesn’t Offer Same-Day Junk Removal Services

With a progressive Zero Waste by 2040 goal, the City of Austin is actively working toward more efficient and more sustainable disposal. When it comes to bulk disposal, however, things may not be quite as green as you think. Only twice per year, Austin Resource Recovery provides bulk pickup to residential customers. Numerous guidelines and restrictions apply, but there are also a few other concerns to consider.

Two weeks out of the year, chosen and set by Austin Resource Recovery, are dedicated to the collection of large and bulky items. In order to take advantage of these services, residents must have all their unwanted items placed properly at the curb by 6:30AM on the first day of collection week. These items must be separated into three separate and distinct piles: metal items (including appliances), passenger vehicle tires (removed from rims) and non-metal items. The first two piles will be collected by crews dispatched to recover items bound for recycling; non-metal items, however, go straight to the local landfill.

Because assorted non-metal items like furniture and household goods make up a significant portion of the total waste collected during bulk week, it’s important to understand the landfill impact generated by these two annual weeks. Even items in usable condition are carted to the dump, because there simply is no infrastructure in place for separating salvageable items from those too far gone to be donated. This means that not only the landfill is affected, but also the local community itself; items which be incredibly useful to people and organizations in need are simply thrown away instead.

Then there’s the list of acceptable items to navigate; not all items are accepted even during bulk week. For instance, cardboard, all remodeling or construction debris and most automotive waste are forbidden. Bagged or containerized waste will be subject to extra trash fees as well, because bulk collection week is expressly intended for items too large to fit into any container. If you’ve got waste to remove that doesn’t fit within the city’s relatively narrow set of guidelines, you may find yourself waiting half the year for a collection week which doesn’t even meet all your needs.

Environmental and ethical qualms aren’t the only thing to think about, either. Your own time, labor and energy are important resources. This especially holds true when you’re in the middle of a marathon project. Taking advantage of public programs in Austin means hauling everything down to the curb yourself, doing all the sorting yourself and working to manage every other aspect of your job.

Whether you’re disposing of items you don’t want to carry with you before a big move or doing the emotionally and physically taxing work of closing a loved one’s estate, deadlines are often a concern. With a long to-do list filled largely with items only you can manage, it’s important to outsource the ones you can. This is where private waste management might be not only the most convenient choice, but also the most ethical, efficient and cost-effective.

The Benefits of Private Same-Day Junk Removal

Turning to a private waste hauler can be the wisest choice on a number of fronts. Not only are you able to get on-demand service when you need it most; you’re also able to delegate the work of waste management completely. Choose the right service, and you’ll also be able to walk away from your project with your conscience as clean as the space you’ve emptied.

When our highly trained and extensively knowledgeable Jiffy Junk removal technicians come to your home or place of business to handle the work of managing waste, we bring a host of benefits with us. Because we provide the very best in full-service, white glove removal, we handle all the tasks related to disposal. We haul heavy furniture out of the rooms where it’s sitting, and even uninstall appliances marked for disposal, so you never have to do the heavy lifting. From tearing out carpeting to separating recyclables, we have you covered.

Everything we remove, we screen to ensure all usable items make their way to a local charitable donation center, so you can be sure your project is giving back to the community, too. If it can’t be donated, we seek out recycling or more sustainable disposal solutions whenever possible to minimize not only our own carbon footprint, but also that of our customers. While you’re focusing on everything else on your plate, we’ll make quick work of the things you no longer need or want. Together, we’re able to turn even the most intimidating junk piles into something easily solved with a single phone call.

Why increase your work and stress load by attempting to navigate an inefficient municipal system? After all, how often does real life wait on the two weeks per year Austin Resource Recovery allows for large-scale disposal? At Jiffy Junk, we understand the value of your time and the inherent difficulty of a long, complex project. That’s why we make a point of accepting just about anything you can imagine, and doing the work of separating it all out for sustainability ourselves. We believe in simplifying your projects and minimizing your stress however we can, by providing full-service hauling you can trust.

Call us today to learn more about our approach to kinder, more sustainable disposal that still puts the customer first.

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