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The Worst Parts of Doing an Apartment Cleanout in Broward County

April 16, 2019.

Cleaning out an apartment is rarely an easy job. Whether you’re a renter trying to get every penny of a deposit back or a landlord eager to get your property back on the market, everything hinges on the quality of an apartment cleanout. Broward County residents may find themselves in a particularly tight spot throughout this process, but it’s not impossible. Learn more about the worst aspects of a big cleanout project and how you can work to stop them from rearing their ugly heads.

Why an Apartment Cleanout in Broward County Is Stressful

If you’re like most people, the idea of dedicating days of your life to hard work and manual labor is a bit off-putting. Even when you’re motivated by the return of a security deposit or the promise of new tenants, the more challenging aspects of the job can certainly try your patience. This especially holds true when you stop to consider the sheer volume of waste generated by even the most simple and straightforward cleanout, paired with the complications and difficulties of relying upon municipal waste collection services throughout the process.

No matter why you’re working to clean out an apartment, there’s a good chance you’ve got plenty of waste to discard. Unwanted furniture, broken appliances, debris from repairs and remodeling; all of these can create significant waste. Unfortunately, it tends to be the kind of waste you can’t just chuck into the weekly pickup bin. This is, of course, assuming the apartment in question is located in a complex with less than ten residential units. Broward County Solid Waste and Recycling Services doesn’t extend to multi-family dwellings with more than ten units, which means each complex may have completely different rules and guidelines regarding waste.

Assuming you’re working on an apartment cleanout in Broward County areas covered by municipal services, limited bulk pickup services do exist. It’s important to keep in mind, however, that bulk collection takes place once each month on a designated day. This means you’re forced to build your own timeline around the single day when you can get rid of large items, something you may not have the luxury of doing when you’re facing a deadline.

While Broward County Solid Waste and Recycling Services will collect unwanted furniture, carpet and carpet padding, tree trimmings and limbs, there are plenty of things they won’t accept. These include:

  • Construction and demolition or remodeling debris
  • Any waste generated by commercial operations, including professional landscaping
  • Automotive and marine parts
  • Paint, insecticides and other chemicals

This means you’re not able to hire a landscaping company, dispose of any debris resulting from repairs or property improvements, or get rid of household chemicals if you rely upon municipal services.

All items must be placed out for collection at the curb but not protruding into the street or encroaching upon neighboring properties. Items cannot be placed near fire hydrants, utility poles, fences, vehicles or mailboxes. Considering the limited amount of space available at many small apartment complexes, complying with placement rules can be a challenge. In the end, municipal collection can be more hassle than it’s worth, but the inconvenience isn’t the only thing to consider.

Municipal bulk collection usually means a trip directly to the landfill, meeting the bare minimum as required by federal law to mitigate landfill impact. This means everything you set out for bulk collection goes to a landfill. Fortunately, there is a better way to manage your apartment cleanout. Broward County residents have access to white-glove, full-service disposal provided by the experts at Jiffy Junk.

How Professional Hauling Makes a Difference

No matter why you’re cleaning out an apartment, it’s hard and often thankless work. Anything you can do to minimize manual labor and give yourself more time to focus on the bigger picture is a good investment, but being able to minimize your environmental footprint along the way is essential. When municipal pickup lands all your waste in the landfill without even making the disposal process easier along the way, it’s time to consider greener and more efficient alternatives.

At Jiffy Junk, we understand that big jobs call for big solutions. Our experienced and knowledgeable collection technicians will come to your home, apartment, commercial property or place of business to get rid of almost anything you no longer need or want. Because we know the ins and outs of disposal in Broward County, we’re also able to ensure you stay on the right side of state, local and federal disposal laws. Working with us means one less thing to worry about, freeing you up to focus on more pressing concerns.

Because we’re dedicated to minimizing our own environmental impact, we separate everything we remove to divert as much as possible from local landfills. Furniture, unwanted or outdated clothing and other items in usable condition aren’t taken to the local dump or the nearest recycling center: we drop them off at charitable donation centers to ensure they stay in the community, aiding those in need. Everything else, we recycle whenever possible. In the end, no matter how much you need to throw away, you can feel good about your disposal choices.

We know you need a clean conscience and a clean space, so our white-glove service guarantee includes more than disposal. We’ll uninstall old appliances, remove heavy items from where they sit and even tear up old carpeting. You never have to haul ungainly items down to the curb or risk your safety trying to lift things you shouldn’t. In the end, you’re left with a dust-free, clean-swept space ready for the landlord’s inspection or new renters.

Don’t let the limitations of municipal bulk waste collection complicate your apartment cleanout. Broward County residents, rental property and business owners rely on us for the very best in full-service hauling. Call us today to learn more about our commitment to providing not only excellent customer service, but also greener, more ethical and more ecologically-sound disposal. Together, we can make quick work of even the most complex apartment cleanout project.

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