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Think Before You Dispose: Garbage Collection for the Conscientious

January 13, 2018.

When you’ve got a pile of garbage to rival the size of your commitment to the environment, where do you turn? Cleaning to get ready for a move, remodeling or even just working to organize your space once and for all can generate a large and varied pile of items for removal. When you care about your environmental impact, these projects can leave you feeling conflicted. Fortunately, there are a few ways you can see your project through to the guilt-free satisfaction at its conclusion.

Weighing Your Green Waste Management Options

As you complete a cleaning or organizing project of any scale, the things you set aside for disposal will almost certainly fit into one of three categories: fit for donation, recyclable materials, and landfill waste. Ideally, you’ll minimize the latter by prioritizing greener options.

The first, donation, allows you to be both environmentally and socially aware. Items in serviceable shape can find many years of usefulness with the less fortunate. The only real drawback to donation lies in the logistics of transportation. Few of the centers that accept donated items offer pickup services, and those that do are often booked out well in advance. If you’re on any kind of a deadline at all, waiting for a pickup appointment may not be an option.

If you have access to a vehicle of reasonable size, you can take boxes of smaller items to the donation centers of your choice. Since many charities only accept certain kinds of items, you may find yourself making many trips to several different locations. Also, if you have furniture or other large items to donate, you’ll definitely need a truck, along with at least one set of helping hands.

Once donation items are managed, you may be surprised by just how much of what’s left behind can be recycled. Appliances, electronics and a wide variety of everyday items can be recycled. In fact, there are even organizations that accept reclaimed polyurethane foam from sofa cushions. Much like donation centers, though, recycling centers tend to be relatively narrow in what they’ll accept. You may also incur processing fees for some items, and pickup services for more specialized recycling are rare.

It’s an unfortunate reality that there will be some garbage bound for a landfill. If you’re willing to invest time, energy and effort into researching all the recycling programs in your immediate area, though, you can reduce the amount substantially.

Another way you can minimize the carbon footprint of your big project is to consolidate transportation. Working with dedicated professionals who offer true full-service hauling, for instance, means fewer trips and less overall fuel consumption.

Donate, Recycle, Dispose: Garbage Collection in One Step

At Jiffy Junk, we’re constantly working to reduce our own environmental impact. We offer a one-stop solution, whether you need to donate, recycle or dispose. Garbage collection with a commitment to environmental stewardship means you can always feel good about your choices, but we also provide white-glove hauling services to ensure you’re truly satisfied every step of the way.

Serving residential and commercial clients throughout all five boroughs, Nassau and Suffolk Counties, we’re standing by to help you make quick work of any project, no matter the size. We’ll haul away your items for donation and separate and manage your recycling to keep environmental impact low and satisfaction high.

Call today: 844-543-3966.

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