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Top Austin Contractors Using Construction Trash Removal

January 8, 2019.

With an ambitious Zero Waste goal, Austin is a city dedicated to greener and more ethical waste management. Leading the charge for more ecologically-friendly disposal and waste reduction on a municipal level means regulating waste more carefully to ensure environmentally-friendly practices across the city, and since construction and demolition waste makes up about twenty percent of total materials destined for area landfills, there are special requirements contractors must meet when it comes to construction trash removal. For this reason, many contractors opt to work with experienced, knowledgeable private hauling companies who already strive to divert materials from landfills as part of their own mission statement.

How Austin Rules and Regulations Apply to Construction Trash Removal

Austin’s Construction and Demolition Recycling Ordinance required construction projects totaling 5,000 or more square feet to either divert a minimum of 50% of project debris from the landfill or to cap disposal at no more than 2.5 pounds per square foot of floor area in 2016. Beginning in October of 2019, the same rules will apply for demolition projects. Contractors are required to report how construction debris was managed through online forms as part of the process of requesting a Final Building Inspection.

While waivers are available for contractors who aren’t able to meet those requirements, qualification for a waiver requires those contractors to prove a good faith effort was made to comply with the ordinance. Failure to report or to secure a waiver is, under the ordinance, a Class C misdemeanor.

Austin Resource Recovery has made special efforts to simplify this process for contractors and to make compliance easier, but it can still be quite difficult. Using expensive skilled labor to track and report waste is costly, as well. While contractors can haul their own waste away, they’re also allowed to work with licensed private haulers under this law, but haulers must provide the contractor with all the information they need in order to complete the full construction recycling report. 

This is where it becomes vitally important to work with private hauling companies who know and understand the wording of Austin’s construction and demolition waste ordinance. There’s more to managing C&D debris in Austin than just chucking it into a truck and hauling it to the landfill, but there are also ethical contractors who are already doing the hard work of sorting, managing and diverting waste from landfills. Working with the pros allows busy contractors to outsource waste management without running the risk of missing diversion goals or not having the information they need when it’s time to file a final inspection request.

Why Top Contractors Choose Private Hauling Solutions

General contractors are charged with overseeing an entire project, from the scraps and debris to the finished structure and everything in between. It’s a big job, and recycling ordinances can serve to make it even bigger. Still, there’s no denying the importance of minimizing landfill waste, boosting sustainability and doing the right thing for the planet. While all licensed private haulers will have to comply with C&D waste ordinances in order to operate, there’s a difference between meeting minimum legal requirements and enthusiastically working to make ethical disposal choices.

You want to keep your diversion rate high, not just to stay on the right side of the law, but also to do your part to leave a cleaner, healthier environment for future generations. Still, putting skilled workers in charge of waste tracking will definitely eat into the profit margins while potentially causing time-management issues and problems with deadlines. You need your skilled workers in their trade positions, not spending time separating materials to be recycled, reclaimed or salvaged. This is where working with the right private hauler can be the perfect tool for the job; you need someone who knows the ins and outs of Austin construction trash removal, not someone you have to hire and train in order to maintain your compliance.

At Jiffy Junk, we provide full-service, white-glove hauling to both residential and commercial clients, including general contractors. Our trained and experienced staff are already committed to diverting as much waste as possible from landfills, even when it’s not required by law. Because we also how much is riding on your ability to comply with Austin construction trash removal laws, we’ll make reporting as easy as possible, too. Our mission is a cleaner, greener Austin with more ethical disposal practices across the board. This is why we divert all usable items collected from residential and commercial projects to area donation centers, and it’s why we make a point of taking Austin’s construction and demolition waste management regulations seriously.

Recycling, donation and salvage are already the cornerstones of our business plan, so we don’t have to change a thing when we offer larger-scale services to contractors. We’ll come to the job site to collect all waste and debris, ensuring a safe working environment without the hazards of scattered waste. We’ll separate everything for you, organizing recyclable waste and anything salvageable while actively working to minimize what goes to the landfill as part of our own commitment to the environment. Your skilled workers stay in their places, ensuring the work gets done on schedule and up to standards without worrying about recycling ratios and debris sorting. Putting the right people in the right roles means you don’t have to spend valuable time working out solutions for on-site waste removal and recycling. 

The end result is a cleaner, safer site without the wasteful expense of skilled workers managing the task. We’ll work to help you meet diversion goals set forth by the City of Austin while staying on schedule, minimizing the cost and hassle of greener construction and demolition. When it’s this quick, easy and efficient to go green, you’ll wonder why you didn’t focus on diversion rates before it was mandated by the local government. Call today and let us take the worry of managing waste off your plate so you can focus on what you do best: managing a busy work site.

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