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TV Recycling – It’s the Law and the Right Thing to Do

May 31, 2016.

Have you considered TV recycling for those old televisions in your home or garage? Whether they are big, boxy TVs that still work but are obsolete, or a plasma that just stopped working, you may be wondering how to dispose of these bulky junk items. One thing is for certain; they do not belong in a landfill. Recycling old electronics such as TVs is the right thing to do and can be easier than you think.

Televisions and other electronics have many recyclable materials that can be reclaimed and reused for manufacturing. Electronics such as TVs contain metals, plastics and glass that can be recycled to make other products. This is significant since mining for the raw materials wastes natural resources. For example, the EPA estimates that to manufacture just one desktop computer, it takes over a ton of water, 48 pounds of different chemicals and uses over 530 pounds of fossil fuels. Recycling some of the materials used to make these devices can reduce that waste, while keeping hazardous materials that electronics contain, like lead and mercury, out of the water supply.

TV Recycling in New York

Not only is TV recycling the right thing to do, it is also the law in New York state. The NYS Electronic Equipment Recycling and Reuse Act outlines the responsibilities of both consumers and manufacturers when it comes to recycling. As of January 1, 2015, a disposal ban was put in place for consumers. This requires that consumer recycle many types of electronics, including TVs. Consumers are banned from dumping TVs in landfills, at waste-to-energy facilities or in their trash.

The good news is that there are many places that can recycle your old TV sets in New York. Many retail outlets and other facilities will accept and recycle TVs and other electronics. This includes locations throughout Nassau and Suffolk Counties and throughout the boroughs of NYC. There are retail outlets that are e-cycle drop off points as well as many other facilities, including the NYC Department of Sanitation and the Lower East Side Ecology Center.

The EPA estimates that in 2009, only 25% of electronics that were disposed of were recycled. This equates to over a 350,000 tons that were recycled, but over 2 million tons that ended up in landfills. With the new laws and options available, the goal is to keep all electronics out of the landfills and use the correct procedure to recycle the materials used in these devices.

If you have old TVs, computers and other electronic devices that need to be recycled, Jiffy Junk can help. We offer cleanup and haul away service for those living in most areas of Nassau and Suffolk counties, including Queens and Long Island. We can pick up your old electronics and bring them to a recycling center, saving you time and trouble. Have other junk or trash that you want gone? We will also pack up and haul away almost any rubbish you need gone. Call us today!

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