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Understanding Large Furniture Pickup Options in Austin

January 28, 2020.

Some types of disposal are easy to arrange. Others present a more significant challenge, and arranging large furniture pickup can certainly fall under that category. Forget stuffing an enormous sofa into a curbside pickup bin; even dragging it out of its spot in the living room can be an insurmountable task. When you’ve got a lot to get rid of and a deadline to manage, your stress level can climb higher than your discard pile.

Understanding your options for disposal is vital to any large cleaning or organizing project, but it’s particularly important for Austinites. With a Zero Waste by 2040 goal and a variety of initiatives in place to minimize landfill impact, municipal bulk disposal works a bit differently in Austin. Since a lack of planning for waste management can create safety hazards and derail productivity, it’s wise to have a working knowledge of all your disposal options. Whether you’re removing one room of furniture as part of a home remodelling project or doing the difficult work of full hoarding mitigation, you should also know where your castoff pieces are likely to end up when it’s all said and done.

The Hidden Secrets of Austin Large Furniture Pickup Options

Where some areas provide bulk collection on a monthly or even bi-weekly basis, Austin Resource Recovery restricts bulky item pickup to twice per calendar year, and on their schedule. Getting rid of furniture, household items and other goods you don’t want to pack before a big move, for instance, can’t wait for months until the next bulk collection day.

If your project deadlines are self-imposed, or if you’re fortunate enough to find your schedule aligns with that of Austin Resource Recovery, there are still some things you’ll want to consider. First and foremost, despite Zero Waste goals and greener disposal initiatives, furniture collected during bulk pickup week ends up in the landfill. Even items in good condition make their way to the dump, because there’s no existing infrastructure for transporting them to donation or reclamation centers. In addition to the environmental impact, there’s also the impact on the community to consider.

On top of the damage to the environment, there’s also the impact on your project to consider. Even if you’re able to make the scheduling work, relying upon Austin Resource Recovery means investing a significant amount of time and physical labor of your own into waste management. All items must be neatly placed at the curb, separated into three distinctly separate piles: metal items, passenger vehicle tires and non-metal items. This allows collection technicians to transport the first two piles to the appropriate recycling facilities, and the latter to the aforementioned landfill. These piles must be at least five feet from any walls, fences, water meters, parked vehicles and telephone connection boxes.

This means wrestling ungainly furniture down to the curb and then maneuvering it into place, no mean feat for those who struggle with heavy lifting. It also means dedicating a significant amount of time to sorting items. Most projects that require large furniture pickup also involve other types of waste, and any items small enough to fit inside a container are simply considered extra trash by ARR. This means they’re also subject to extra trash fees, since bulk collection week is expressly intended for items too large to be containerized.

With so many restrictions, regulations and time constraints to consider, it can be tempting to simply opt for a more direct disposal route. Do-it-yourself hauling can be appealing at first blush, but can be even more trouble than municipal hauling when it’s all said and done. You’ll have to take even more time out of your schedule to plot a route, which will likely include multiple stops to recycling facilities, donation drop-off centers and other disposal locations. Once the planning and logistics management are complete, then the manual labor begins. This is, of course, assuming you have access to a suitable vehicle. If not, you’ll also need to budget for truck rental, administrative and insurance fees along with fueling costs and any processing fees at recycling centers.

At the end of the day, working with a private hauler can be a more cost-effective and more efficient option than municipal large furniture pickup or DIY hauling. The key is choosing the right service provider.

Choosing the Right Large Furniture Pickup Provider

While just about anyone with a vehicle can get into the furniture removal business, not all haulers are created equal. You want a service provider that shares your commitment to the health of the planet, and one that comes around more than twice each year.

At Jiffy Junk, we understand that time really is money. We also understand just how vital it is to protect the planet for future generations. For this reason, we’ve built our business model around working just as hard to care for the environment as we do to care for our customers.

Our white-glove approach to full-service removal means we’ll come to your home or place of business to remove almost anything you no longer want or need. Items in usable condition, like furniture and household goods, are immediately separated for transportation to local charitable donation centers to mitigate landfill impact while maximizing positive impact on the community. Everything else, we seek out greener disposal solutions that do not involve the landfill, whenever possible.

Extensively trained and knowledgeable removal technicians take care of all the heavy lifting for you, from removing heavy furniture to uninstalling unwanted appliances and even ripping out old carpeting marked for disposal. When your space is empty, we go over everything with a broom and dustpan to ensure there are no lingering dust bunnies or cobwebs, so your space is as clean as your conscience. Best of all, we do everything on your schedule, so you never have to worry about a missed deadline. Call us today to learn more about our greener disposal techniques, our white-glove service promise and all the ways we work hard to simplify even the biggest clean-up projects.

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