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Who Uses Broward County Junk Removal Services?

November 20, 2018.

Have you ever wondered who exactly is using Broward County junk removal companies? With a municipal waste management program complete with pickup services in place, private junk hauling can seem like an unnecessary service. The truth is, you never realize just how limited municipal waste pickup can be until you find yourself in the middle of a big cleaning project.

There are so many things Broward Municipal Services won’t pick up, from construction and remodeling debris to landscaping waste and many common household chemicals. There are special programs in place for bulk disposal, but you’re limited to four visits per month and most construction waste will still not be accepted. You’ll have to provide proof of residency in the form of a current utility bill and a local driver’s license, which means newcomers to the area or those who only live in Broward County part time may encounter more than a few snags along the way. These services are drop-off only, as well, which means you’ll be responsible for all the heavy lifting and transportation. Collection for limited bulk waste takes place once per month, so if your waste is on the “allowed” list, you’ll have to make sure the scheduled pickup day is in keeping with your own timeline.

People Who Need Broward County Junk Removal Services

Homeowners or renters in the middle of a big organizational purge can’t rely on municipal pickup for large items, but they aren’t the only ones who can find themselves in need of help in Broward County. Junk removal provided by experienced professionals is a valuable service to many; here are a few of the customers we see most often, residential clients included:


Broward County waste management has strict rules in place about the acceptance of any waste generated via commercial activities, which inherently leaves contractors holding the bag with big messes on a regular basis. This is where a high-quality, full-service junk remover is often a valuable investment: we allow contractors to outsource their waste management tasks. This means expensive skilled-labor hours aren’t spent gathering and managing debris, work sites never become hazardous due to scattered waste, and customers are never frustrated by rubble.

Storage Facilities

People pay good money to store their belongings somewhere other than their own property, and sometimes those belongings are abandoned. When lockers go unpaid and are eventually cleaned out, not everything holds value, despite what reality television would have you believe. Our services make it easier for owners and managers of storage facilities to turn over unpaid units, generating more revenue with less hassle.


Just like contractors, professional landscapers can find themselves out in the cold when it comes to waste pickup. Landscaping is a commercial activity, so municipal waste management won’t pick up the inevitable plant and yard waste in Broward County. Junk removal services, however, can make quick work of even the biggest messes, leaving landscapers free to move on to the next job without worrying about waste from the last.

Home Owners 

Organizing. Making room for new family members or clearing out a long-neglected basement. Remodeling and renovating. There are dozens of things you’ll do over the course of your life in a home that can create the need for professional junk removal. Unless you have access to a truck and a few strong friends willing to take a trip to the drop-off center, you’re limited to the one day each month when municipal bulk pickup is scheduled for your area. When you don’t have the time or energy to jump through municipal hoops or cart heavy waste to a drop-off location yourself, private waste removal can really save the day. Since we at Jiffy Junk make a concerted effort to minimize landfill impact by diverting virtually all our donatable or recyclable waste to charity and recycling centers, it’s also waste management you can feel good about.

Estate Executors

Clearing out the estate of someone close to you is never easy; why make the process more emotionally exhausting and stressful by trying to manage the difficult task of throwing away belongings? Our expert techs understand this is a taxing time, so we offer white-glove service for full removal of anything left behind after the division of belongings. This means rooms are left broom-clean, with only the things you want to keep left behind. You don’t have the manual or emotional labor of sorting, cleaning and removing to manage, which is one fewer burden to shoulder.

Non-Profit and Charity Donation Centers

Of all the clients we see, non-profit and charity donation centers probably require our services the most. This is because we provide the inverse of our normal service to these customers: we drop off new inventory! Our commitment to the environment demands we separate usable items from the waste we pick up, so it can be reused via charitable donation. Of course, we also provide full-service hauling when these clients find themselves in need.

Where to Turn for Broward County Junk Removal

You don’t want everything you get rid of to end up in a landfill, and you certainly don’t want to cart it there yourself. When you’re looking for ecologically ethical, reliable waste management you can trust, Jiffy Junk has you covered.

We work hard to place collected items in donation and charity centers, recycling programs and salvage centers to keep our landfill impact as small as possible. When we leave your home or place of business, we’re taking the things you no longer want or need to the most ethical locations we can find. Our highly experienced collection technicians do all the heavy lifting, and we’ll leave the space we empty free of dust and cobwebs on our way out the door. With one phone call, you’re able to get rid of all the trash you can imagine, with no need to sort it or manage it on your own.

Call today and let us help you turn an enormous project into a totally manageable, quick and painless process you can feel good about when it’s all said and done.

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