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Waste Removal Doesn’t Have to be Messy

August 3, 2016.

If you’ve got a home project or construction job site that needs a professional waste removal service, we can help keep your work area clean. At Jiffy Junk, we specialize in hauling off waste and debris quickly and efficiently, on your schedule.

It can be a challenge getting a job done when you’re creating a mess as you go. Time and money can be lost trying to work around it while simultaneously trying to maintain forward progress. Or you can stop what you’re doing to clean up or assign workers to the task, diverting them from more productive work.

Those aren’t very appealing options, we know, so at Jiffy Junk we are committed to getting the cleanup work done for you fast and at reasonable rates. You can choose from several affordable volume rates to find one that fits the size of your job, and budget.

Waste Removal When You Need It, Where You Need It

Avoid spills, handling toxic materials and potentially damaging property or risking injury by leaving the cleanup to the waste removal pros at Jiffy Junk. If you want to start each day of a project in a clean work environment, we’ll arrive at your scheduled time for daily waste removal.

Jiffy Junk waste removal will keep your home free of hazardous chemical containers for you, get rid of those noxious fumes by hauling off materials that would otherwise get in the way and make breathing air unhealthy if left behind.

Homeowners, don’t bother fumbling with flimsy trash bags and stuff your trash cans with messy and unsafe materials. You don’t need to deal with rusty nails and splinters from a demo job on your storage shed. We’ll clean up all the broken glass, fiberglass insulation, and other nasty stuff so you can take the gloves off and put your feet up. Relax and enjoy the fruits of your remodeling job, and let Jiffy Junk handle your waste removal for you.

Contractors, cut costs on cleanup duties and keep your skilled workers doing the work that you hired them to do. Leave the mess behind at the end of your shift and rest assured that your job site will be clean and work ready the next day. Stay on schedule and within budget with a professional waste removal service you can count on.

Jiffy Junk in Queens, Nassau and Suffolk

For full-service junk removal across Long Island and in Queens, Jiffy Junk gets the job done responsibly. We will make every effort to recycle any junk or materials that can be recycled. Whether you need furniture removal, construction debris cleanup, appliance removal or more, we’ll deliver customer service and haul off your junk.

Call us today to schedule your waste removal. We offer competitive rates for all size jobs. Pick a volume price that suits your needs and we’ll get there promptly to pick it up for you. Or book online with us for a free estimate at no obligation.  Wherever you are from Long Island to Long Island City, Jiffy Junk will handle your waste removal.

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