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Prevent Early Carpet Removal: 5 Ways To Tackle Carpet Stains

March 10, 2021.

No matter how careful you are, you can never avoid carpet stains. Your gorgeous carpet will get dirty over time. Moreover, no matter how you take all sorts of precautions to protect it, an unexpected mishap can occur to taint its appearance. Your kid can drop a cup of Kool-Aid, a guest could spill a glass of wine, or your pet can suddenly defecate in your living room. The list just goes on and on. If you’re tackling a small area, carpet removal is out of the question. You can still deal with the stain and clean your carpet. But your primary concern should be removing these stains without exposing your loved ones to harsh cleaning chemicals that harm their health. Besides, these chemicals also hurt the environment, which is another point for consideration. 

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Cleaning and removing carpet stains can be quite daunting. More so, if you need to treat old carpet stains in a newly rented home or an inherited house. Remember, it is best to tackle issues as soon as they occur. Should you wait to remove them, they will settle in the carpet fibers, making the cleaning process harder. With old stains, you need harsher chemicals, put more effort, and waste a lot of time. If that doesn’t work, carpet removal may be the only option. If you don’t want to expend too many resources removing stains, deal with them immediately using natural solutions.

Why Go All Natural?

Natural solutions you already have in your kitchen cabinet do not contain toxic chemicals that your family can breathe. Most cleaning solutions release air pollutants in the environment. These particulate matters are so tiny that you cannot see them with your naked eyes. If you want to avoid possible health complications, it would be best to immediately use an all-natural solution. Time is of the essence, or the stain becomes stubborn and won’t budge. The latter may result in unplanned and complete carpet removal. 

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Do-It-Yourself Ideas

Besides, cleaning your carpet stains with simple stuff already in your home will save you money. Making your DIY or do-it-yourself cleaning solutions means you can cut costs. Cleaning alternatives made with common household items that you already know make more sense. Moreover, these natural cleaning materials cost significantly less than their commercial counterparts. Specialty cleaning products like carpet cleaners cost an arm and a leg. Going the DIY route can indeed save you money and precious cabinet space.  

Less Damaging Elements

Additionally, chemicals contain harsh ingredients that can hurt your carpet fibers. Firstly, they can make the carpet fibers warp. Hence, the texture will no longer feel the same. Secondly, it can cause discoloration, which gives your carpet an uneven look. Finally, commercial cleaners leave a chemical residue that you most certainly do not want to come in contact with. At Jiffy Junk, we have seen how chemical cleaners marred a beautiful carpet. If you want to avoid complete carpet removal, it would be best to use natural solutions to treat stains. 

Top Natural Solutions to Use before Considering Carpet Removal

If you have carpets at home, you may have already felt that anxious feeling in your chest when your kid, spouse, relative, or guest suddenly makes a mess on your carpet. When you don’t have a chemical stain remover at home, it is understandable to panic. But fret not, because you can remove stains with your DIY solutions. With a little knowledge and a touch of finesse, you can quash your worries and bust those stains with your homemade cleaning material. Take a look at the top five all-natural ways you can remove carpet stains. By following these proven tips, you can treat your next carpet mishap with aplomb and worry not about complete carpet removal because your floor looks ghastly. 

1. Concoct a Vinegar Paste

Good old vinegar works like magic. Our team at Jiffy Junk has helped many people clean up their mess using this simple and common household ingredient. Honestly, it is the most simple solution that works. Yes, the tart smell may be a bit overpowering, but it won’t hurt your lungs, unlike commercial cleaners. Using vinegar can help you deal with a stain without having to worry about complete carpet removal. In fact, this acid also works for furniture stains like coke spills on your sofa. Apart from breaking down stains, this fermented gift from mother nature acts as an antimicrobial, removing germs.  

A Simple Process

Make your own natural carpet stain removal using vinegar, salt, and borax powder to help you out. Most likely, you already have vinegar and salt on hand. As for borax, you can buy this at any hardware store close to your home. Worry not, as this is a naturally occurring mineral that doesn’t contain toxic substances. However, it would be best to keep it away from young kids as accidentally eating the powder can make them sick. Keep this compound handy in a cabinet that your young kids cannot access. Try out this all-natural carpet cleaning recipe:

  • Combine 1/4 of each: vinegar, borax powder, and salt. 
  • Mix all of them into a paste. 
  • Place directly on the stain
  • Leave to dry for 24 hours. 
  • After, you can vacuum the area. 
  • Wipe with a damp cloth to clean the residue. 
  • Use a dry cloth or paper towel to blot dry. 

2. Make a Spray Cleaner

Make your instant spray solution that can fight stain. Combine dishwashing liquid, baking soda, vinegar, and warm water in a spray bottle. Moreover, you can add a drop of lavender essential oil to act as a deodorizer. Studies show that lavender acts as an antimicrobial that wards off the growth of many harmful bacteria. Since you often walk barefoot at home or lounge around your floors with your kids, adding this essential oil will not only remove stains but help prevent bacterial growth. Every time you accidentally create a mishap on your carpet, you can:

  • Blast the area with your DIY spray bottle
  • Blot it out with paper towels 
  • Repeat until the stain is out. 
  • Clean excess residue with a damp cloth. 
  • Wait for the area to dry. 

3. Use Club Soda For Liquid Spills

Club soda is not just for mixing drinks. It acts as a fantastic stain remover for fruit juice and even red wine spills. Best of all, this inexpensive stain fighter provides a safe solution than most expensive commercial cleaners. However, keep in mind that this works best only on FRESH stains. Hence, keeping several cans of this handy assures you have a ready solution in case of an accident. Treat the stain as soon as possible so your carpet will return to its original condition. If you wait, it will no longer work, and you have to resort to expensive professional cleaning or complete carpet removal if the stain is particularly nasty. Here’s how to use this stain remover:

  1. Use a clean towel and dab off as much of the stain as you can. Don’t rub but blot the stain to prevent it from seeping further into the fibers. 
  2. Next, pour the club soda over the affected area. Do not over-saturate! Wait for several minutes for the liquid to work its magic.
  3. Get a clean towel to blot out the soda. The stain will come off with the soda water. You may need to do this step several times until the stain comes out. 
  4. When the stain is out, spray with lukewarm water to act as a final rinse. 
  5. Finally, blot out any excess moisture with paper towels and leave to air dry. 

As you can see, keeping cans of club soda in your kitchen can work wonders. It can come to your rescue so that you can treat carpet stains immediately. But remember, the key is to act fast, or you may need to call professional cleaners or deal with total carpet removal. Noteworthy, this method works for superficial liquid stains only. Club soda cannot clean grease and ink stains. 

4. Try Baking Soda for Grease Stains

Everyone knows baking soda is an all-natural refresher. People have been using it since time immemorial to refresh the fridge. This humble baking ingredient certainly has a lot of uses other than making your cake rise. You can use it in a broad range of household issues, especially removing stubborn carpet stains. Should you encounter oil or grease stains on your carpet, using this miracle powder can help absorb these emollient, fatty splatters. You can follow the simple steps below:

  • Get a scoop of baking soda and sprinkle it over the affected area. 
  • Let the baking soda sit for at least 6 hours or overnight. 
  • After, clean the area with your vacuum. 
  • Place alcohol in a clean cloth and dab on the area to take out residue. 

En voila! You have clean, fresh carpets thanks to this cheap powder. Remember, treat any stain as soon as possible. Waiting too long can let the stain seep in and result in carpet discoloration. Over time, it will look very unsightly, so you may have no other choice but to deal with carpet removal. 

5. Try Cornstarch for Spills

Cornstarch will not work for stains that have dried up. However, its super absorbent qualities make it an excellent solution for messy, liquid spills. You can even count on this cheap powder to deal with large areas. Best of all, these everyday household items don’t contain toxic substances, so you can use them with peace of mind, especially if you have kids or pets crawling all over your floors. Use cornstarch on your carpet by following these steps:

  • Get a clean cloth and blot up as much excess liquid as you can. 
  • Next, spread cornstarch all over the wet patch. Watch how this powder absorbs the liquid. 
  • Finally, scrape the wet powder and vacuum any leftover residue. 

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Additional Carpet Cleaning Tips to Remember

The key to having clean floors and avoiding complete carpet removal is vigilance. As soon as the spill happens, you must clean it up right away. Act on it immediately so it won’t settle into the carpet fibers. If it’s a solid spill, pick it up immediately. You may have to scrape off some parts sticking to the carpet with a clean, blunt butter knife. Be cautious with your movement. You want to draw the spill out and not rub it in. Next, gently blot out any excess liquid with an absorbent cloth or even a paper towel. 

Remember, never rub or press down on the stain, as this can permanently damage your carpet fibers. When you do this, you have no other recourse but carpet removal and replacement. To avoid this situation and extend the life of your carpet, you must use a gentle blotting touch. Apply your chosen treatment and wait for the stain to soften up. From there, work your way from the outer area to the inner part of the stain. With this method, you keep the stain from spreading further. Clean from the outer area into the inner area until the stain no longer mars the cloth you use for dabbing. Then, you can use another clean cloth that’s damp with water to blot out any residue. As the final step, dry the area. Try out these steps for thorough drying:

  • Put a dry cloth that’s large enough to cover the area.
  • Weight the cloth down with a hefty object.
  • Upon saturation, replace it with a new one.
  • Do this several times until nothing is absorbed.

Final Wrap Up 

To avoid carpet stains, you need to prevent spills in the first place. It would work best to limit eating and drinking to your kitchen, dining room, and family room. Moreover, you can try placing area rugs in high-traffic areas like your entryways. Encourage people to wipe down and remove their shoes before coming in. Supervise your kids when they’re eating, drinking, or coloring to prevent accidents. In addition, you need to be diligent in house training pets and keeping their paws clean. 

With these steps, you can avoid an early carpet removal. However, even if you are vigilant, we know that accidents can always happen. If it gets too much, you need to call us at Jiffy Junk to help evaluate your problem. We’d be glad to help you deal with carpet removal so you can get a replacement that makes your home beautiful and you comfortable. 

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