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Weighing Your Large Item Pickup Options

April 7, 2018.

When your most pressing concern is sorting your recycling into the right bin for weekly pickup, you probably don’t spend much time thinking about the ins and outs of waste management. It’s only when you’re faced with a big job that can’t be managed with a trip to the bin that things become clear. You’ve got large items to be disposed of and no real plan for removal. What’s next?

Common Large Item Pickup Solutions

Unless you’re fortunate enough to own a large vehicle, an unlimited supply of patience and the loyalty of several good friends, DIY disposal for bulky items is unlikely to be the best or most efficient option. When you factor in the costs of renting and insuring a truck, the price of fuel and tolls, and the fees associated with most recycling or dumping sites, you’ll likely spend a small fortune, too.

Municipal sanitation departments will typically offer specialized pickup services for bulk items, but guidelines vary from one jurisdiction to the next. You will likely need to make an appointment for pickup, then ensure you’re meeting all standards before an item is placed out for collection. You’ll still be responsible for all the heavy lifting, but waste management should take your items away as scheduled. Be advised, though, that many sanitation departments will place limits on the number of items you can schedule at one time, along with limiting the total number of appointments you can make over the course of a year.

Private large item pickup can feel like a real extravagance, but it pays to take a closer look at total costs. The one-time fee through a professional waste management company may even be less than the cumulative total of your expenses for a DIY haul, and you won’t be expected to invest any manual labor. You can save your back and your time since you won’t need to research disposal guidelines and laws in your area.

Green Options for Large Item Pickup

You want to clear your space, but you also want to minimize your environmental impact. This is where a green-focused private hauler comes in handy.

At Jiffy Junk, we’re as invested in protecting the environment as we are in taking care of our clients in Nassau County, Suffolk County and all five boroughs. We provide residential and commercial clients with ethical disposal and white glove service, prioritizing recycling, reclaiming and donation over landfill dumping at every opportunity.

Our experienced technicians will remove furniture, uninstall appliances and take away all your waste, no matter how large or how small. We’ll even sweep up any lingering dust bunnies, so you’re left with a clean slate for your organizing, moving or estate cleanout project to proceed without worry about waste management.

Don’t spend time, effort and money trying to navigate the complex world of waste management, recycling and green disposal. Let a professional, ecologically responsible expert handle your large-scale disposal tasks with ease.


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