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What Services Do Trash Removal Companies Offer in Maryland?

March 5, 2019.

Sometimes you’ve got a bit more waste than will fit into your weekly collection bin, and sometimes you’ve got more than you can even begin to process. Whether it’s a heavy spring cleaning to purge unused items around the house or the closing of a full estate, trash removal companies provide a host of valuable services that make it easier, more efficient, and sometimes more ethical to manage a special project. Find out what kind of services private removal companies provide and how you can choose the one best suited to your needs.

What Private Trash Removal Companies in Maryland Do

On a municipal and county level, trash pickup services generally consist of weekly household collection and a smattering of bulky item disposal days throughout the year. Depending on where you live, various restrictions on the type of garbage you may place out for collection and how many times you can arrange bulk item pickup per year may apply. 

Private trash removal companies operate differently. Most will offer disposal for a wide range of items, even those that are difficult to manage, like appliances with coolant, tires and some household chemicals. No two collection companies are exactly alike, though, and it’s wise to do a bit of research before selecting a service provider.

Working with a private removal company makes it much less stressful and more effective to handle a variety of cleanup tasks, including but not limited to:

Household Organization Projects

From cleaning out a few closets to emptying an overflowing attic, organizing and reclaiming the spaces in your home likely means you’ll be generating a lot of waste. Outdated and outgrown clothing, household items and usable furniture may be among the things to be discarded. These are things you don’t want to send to languish in the local landfill, but this is exactly where they end up if you toss them out for weekly collection or work with a private hauling company who doesn’t take a greener, more environmentally-friendly approach to waste removal.

Renovation and Remodeling

What’s standing between you and the space of your dreams? If you’re ready to remodel, you know that disposing of things like appliances, broken doors, cabinetry and bathroom fixtures can present a challenge. Whether you’re doing it all yourself or you are working with a smaller handyman service that doesn’t provide construction waste management, you can’t let your job site turn into a hazard. Scattered debris is bad for people working and living in and around your home, and municipal collection services can be quite slim when it comes to construction and demolition waste removal. Private companies often provide trash pickup for Maryland residents, whether they’re in the thick of things or still in the planning stages.

Hoarding Remediation

There’s nothing easy about hoarding compulsion, and remediation is no exception. Sometimes cleaning is part of treatment, and sometimes it’s simply no longer avoidable. Working with a full-service, white-glove trash removal company that understands the unique emotional difficulties as well as the logistical struggles of coordinating such a large-scale cleanup project can make all the difference, though.

Rental Cleanup and Disposal

Owning rental property can be lucrative, but it can also be a struggle. When tenants leave your property in less-than-perfect condition, you must work quickly to get the unit back on the market and earning money again. Rather than waiting on collection days and working around municipal schedules, working with a private company allows you to get more work done on your terms.

Office and Commercial Cleanup

Moving to a new location, changing the way you operate or phasing into new products or services can all be exciting, and they can all generate an abundance of waste. When you’re in need of office cleanouts, retail space clearing or other commercial cleaning services, a private hauler can help you to vacate spaces on the appropriate timeline while you focus on the tasks only you can manage.

Storage Unit Clearing

Rental storage units are often rented with good intentions of keeping spaces in your home less cluttered, or to hold your belongings between homes over the course of a big move. They’re not often intended to be permanent expenses filled with seldom-accessed items, but it happens more often than you might think. If you’re paying rent on a storage unit you rarely open, cleaning out the things you don’t need and finding a less expensive space for the things you want to keep might be a wise move. A full-service removal company can help you do just that in record time, putting money back into your pocket each month.

Choosing Between Trash Removal Companies 

While most trash removal companies will come to your space to remove what you no longer want or need, not all are cut from the same cloth. Some bring a commitment to both excellent customer service and environmental responsibility to the table.

At Jiffy Junk, we make it our personal mission to find greener, more ethical disposal methods for anything our clients in Maryland can throw our way. This includes appliances, unwanted clothing, demolition rubble and the detritus remaining after a big move. We’ll take anything in usable condition to area donation centers, ensuring they stay out of the landfill and in the community, where they can do some good. We recycle everything else whenever possible, because we believe in providing the best in waste removal with the least impact on the environment.

We’ll come to you, uninstalling appliances and even tearing up carpeting, so you never have to do any of the heavy lifting. Our expert techs do everything they can to make your job easier, even sweeping floors to leave your space free of dust-bunnies. You can have the convenience of removing everything in a single phone call and the peace of mind that comes with doing the right thing for the planet. No matter how large or small your cleaning job, call us today to find out how Jiffy Junk can make it quicker, easier, more efficient and more environmentally responsible.

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