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What to Do With Old Furniture in Suffolk County

March 3, 2017.

Whether you’re having an estate sale or just getting rid of old furniture, trying to figure out what to do with old furniture can be a real hassle. This is especially true if you are elderly, disabled, or (like most of us) just too busy and don’t have the time to deal with it. Jiffy Junk is here to help the residents in Suffolk County with their old furniture. We can pick up any old furniture you want to get rid of, and we know exactly where the furniture should go afterwards. No matter how big or small the project, Jiffy Junk can get the job done.

What to Do With Old Furniture That Is Still Functional

When you upgrade your furniture for something new, many times your old furniture may still be completely functional. It really shouldn’t just go off to the junkyard. When people aren’t sure where to give away or donate their old furniture, so it can be re-used, we can help. At Jiffy Junk, we know all the locations who are accepting furniture donations. Our expert team has the know how to examine each piece of furniture and determine whether it is viable for reuse and where to take it. Why let your old furniture just go to waste? Let Jiffy Junk take care of it properly and get it in the right hands.

No Furniture Lifting Necessary

Sometimes the biggest issue with old furniture is figuring out how to get it out of the house. Often you have to maneuver it through doorways or spaces that have many obstacles that you don’t want to damage. Other times, it is just the sheer weight of the furniture and a lack of proper hauling equipment. Our team at Jiffy Junk are trained professionals that have the experience and equipment required to get old furniture out of your home or business. Don’t hurt yourself, your walls or any of your possessions trying to get this task done yourself. Call up Jiffy Junk, we will have people there quickly, who know the best way to haul your furniture out.

Jiffy Junk’s Attention to Detail

We’ve got Suffolk County covered. Jiffy Junk promises that we will always leave a place better off than when we arrived. This is our White Glove policy. After we are done moving your furniture out of the building, we come back in and thoroughly sweep or vacuum the area that once inhabited your old furniture. Your house will be ready for the new furniture you are moving in.

Next time you need to figure out what to do with old furniture from your home, office or anywhere else, give Jiffy Junk a call. We are able to pick up anywhere in Suffolk county. We have the best team of professionals around to take not just your furniture but any other form of junk you want to get rid of, scrap metal, appliances, or even clean out an entire hoarder’s home. So remember next time your are thinking about removing some junk from your home, think of your local Jiffy Junk service.

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