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What to Look for in an Austin Junk Removal Company

June 14, 2019.

An overwhelming pile of unwanted belongings and cast-off household goods can slow almost any residential cleaning or organization project to a grinding halt. Maintaining separate piles to group recyclable items together, items for donation and items to throw away is no small feat for even a moderately sized project, and those piles quickly become safety hazards as they begin to sprawl.

Whether you’re doing the emotionally and physically demanding work of closing an estate, planning a big remodeling project or anything in between, you need a comprehensive plan for waste management. Part of making this plan is having a clear understanding of all your options, including what you should look for in a private junk removal company.

Bulk Waste Disposal Options in Austin

Zero Waste goals and other local initiatives aimed at protecting the environment play a significant role in waste management on the municipal level. Austin Resource Recovery provides bulk collection to customers twice each year. During these special collection weeks, items like furniture, appliances, household fixtures and other things too large to fit in a weekly trash pickup bin are hauled away. There are guidelines to follow in order to ensure your items are picked up and limitations on what is accepted. 

If you’re fortunate enough to be able to schedule your project around a special collection week, it’s still important to keep in mind just how many things are not accepted on these days. Construction and remodeling debris, mirrors, sheet glass and other such waste will not be collected. This means it may not pay to schedule a big kitchen remodel or other such project around the city guidelines as they won’t even accept the bulk of what you’re likely to generate.

Other times, life isn’t so convenient. Moving, closing an estate and other unexpected life changes can strike with little notice, and it’s simply not feasible to wait until the next collection week rolls around. Aside from tires and metal, the vast majority of bulk items end up in the landfill. This means even lightly worn items or those otherwise in good condition are wasted, when they could be providing support to the community. Because collection crews only collect from the curb, you’re also responsible for ensuring heavy and ungainly items make their way from your home to the curb without endangering anyone’s safety. Once they’re on the curb, items must be sorted into three piles and placed in a neat manner at least five feet from trash carts, mailboxes, walls or fences, telephone connection boxes and water meters. Metal, tires and non-metal items are collected to be sent to recycling centers or the landfill.

When municipal bulk collection simply doesn’t work for you, you’re left with two more options: DIY hauling or working with a junk removal company.

Even if you have access to a truck large enough to facilitate the hauling of heavy, bulky items, you still have to do the manual labor of dragging them outside and wrestling them into a truck bed. Once items are loaded, you’ll need to take them to the appropriate location. Assuming you have items marked for donation, metal items, non-metal recyclable items and waste marked for the landfill, there are a minimum of four locations where you’ll need to drop off waste. If there’s more than one truck load for each location, that means an extra trip. Before you know it, trying to throw away items you no longer need or want can become the single most time-consuming aspect of your project.

Working with a private hauler means you’re able to plan things around your schedule, minimize the stress of the entire project, and ensure your ability to meet your deadlines, self-imposed or otherwise.

Choosing the Right Junk Removal Company

Once you’ve settled on working with a private waste hauler rather than attempting to shoulder the entire burden yourself or waiting for the two weeks per year when Austin Resource Recovery accepts outsized trash, then it’s time to narrow the field. While there’s certainly no shortage of private haulers in the area, it’s wise to take a closer look. 

Anyone with a truck can pick up unwanted items and cart them directly to the nearest landfill, but the best junk removal companies will put the same emphasis on protecting the environment that they place on providing the best in customer service. At Jiffy Junk, we’re dedicated to doing what’s right for the planet while providing the very best in white-glove waste removal to the people of Austin.

When we come to your home our place of business, our trained and experienced collection techs will remove the things you no longer want or need from where they stand. There’s no need to drag heavy items down to the curb; we’ll uninstall unwanted appliances and even tear out the carpeting you want to dispose of as part of our full-service satisfaction guarantee. We’ll separate items as we remove them, ensuring usable items are taken to local donation centers to keep them out of the landfill and, more importantly, in the community, where they can be of help to those in need.

Everything else, we seek out sustainable disposal options for as part of our journey to a smaller environmental impact. Working hard to keep everything we can out of local landfills, we offer our customers the peace of mind that comes with making ethical, environmentally responsible choices.

Call us today to learn more about all the ways we can help you streamline waste management, whether you need one trip or recurring removal over the course of your project. We’ll help you come up with a solution sure to simplify your project overall, ensuring you’re never forced to waste time or energy thinking about disposal. With the right junk removal company, you’re able to remodel a home, work towards hoarding mitigation efforts, and more. With a single phone call, you can handle all your disposal needs quickly, efficiently and ethically.

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