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Where to Dispose of Furniture in Broward County

September 10, 2019.

A house just isn’t a home without furnishings, but even the most comfortable sofa will wear out eventually. What do you do when a well-loved couch becomes an eyesore, or an appliance is finally ready for that big kitchen in the sky? Figuring out where to dispose of furniture can be more stressful than choosing the perfect replacement, but it doesn’t have to be. With a basic understanding of how bulk disposal works in Broward County and a clear view of all your waste management options, you can get rid of those items too large to fit into a curbside pickup bin without worrying about your environmental impact, missing a deadline, or derailing all your productivity during a large project.

Why It’s Important to Carefully Consider Where to Dispose of Furniture

Getting rid of smaller items is easy; you toss them into the appropriate recycling bin and get on with your life. When something is too large to cram into a waste bin and too heavy to easily move to the curb, things are a bit different.

Once per month, residents of unincorporated Broward County have access to bulk collection services through Broward County Solid Waste and Recycling Services. On scheduled bulk pickup days, you can dispose of a variety of large items, not just furniture. These include:

  • Appliances
  • Household items
  • Tree Trimmings
  • Palm Fronds
  • Large Tree Limbs
  • Logs
  • Carpeting and Padding
  • Passenger Car Tires, Removed From Rims
  • Fencing

Automotive parts, mounted tires, motor oil, insecticide, and household chemicals and paint cannot be collected by municipal crews. Residents should also know that debris resulting from construction and demolition, remodeling or any commercial services is not accepted by municipal waste management service providers. This includes paid landscaping and lawn care services or handyman repairs. Brickwork and concrete cannot be collected by Broward County Solid Waste and Recycling Services crews. It’s important to note that items crews cannot collect will not be moved in order to reach those which are eligible for collection. Any items you place out for bulk pickup that are deemed unacceptable by collection crews will be left at the curb and can remain there no longer than twelve hours after your scheduled collection time.

All items placed at the curb for bulk collection must be placed in a neat and orderly manner, not in the street or any right-of-way areas. Items may not be placed next to utility boxes or poles, fire hydrants, mailboxes, fences or parked vehicles.  

Once you’ve met all these requirements, where do collection crews take your discarded furniture and goods? 

While some items are recycled in accordance with state, local and federal laws, others will make their way to the local landfill, regardless of their condition. If you’re replacing an unwanted but otherwise usable sofa, for instance, bulk collection crews don’t take its condition into account before hauling it away to the landfill. If you’re determined to do your part to care for not only the environment but also your community, this may not be an acceptable disposal solution.

Scheduling is another important aspect to consider when deciding where to dispose of furniture and other bulky items. Often, disposal of these items is part of a larger cleaning or organizing project that comes with a tight deadline. Working to clear out unwanted items before a big move, settling the estate of a departed loved one, or preparing a room for an impending addition to the family can’t always wait for the next scheduled municipal bulk collection day. Where do you turn when you have a large amount of waste and a short time in which to dispose of it all? 

Private waste management solutions can help you meet your deadlines and can be the only feasible solution if you’re not physically capable of dragging heavy, ungainly items all the way down to the appropriate spot at the curb for municipal pickup. Choose the right hauler and you can even be sure you’re making the most ethical choices for your community, the planet and the local landfill.

Getting Rid of Big Items Quickly, Painlessly and Ethically

You need a disposal solution you can feel good about, one which allows you the freedom of working on your own schedule without leaving you on the hook for all the heavy lifting while sending all your castoff items to the nearest landfill.

At Jiffy Junk, we understand the importance of keeping our impact on the environment small while making the largest possible impact on the lives of our clients. We work hard to provide the very best in true white-glove, full-service waste management to residential and commercial clients throughout Broward County, all with an emphasis on doing what’s best for the planet.

Our extensively trained and experienced collection technicians will come to your home or place of business to remove just about anything you no longer want or need, and we do all the heavy lifting. We’ll even uninstall appliances, tear out carpeting and padding, and sort all your waste so you have time to focus on the aspects of your project only you can manage. Anything in usable condition is immediately separated for transportation to a charitable donation center, keeping furniture and household goods in the community and out of the landfill.

Everything else, we work hard to find recycling, repurposing or other sustainable disposal solutions for that do not include landfill dumping. When we’re finished removing unwanted items and debris, we’ll leave your space swept clean and ready for whatever comes next, a true blank slate so you can move forward without the stress of disposal and environmental impact. Contact us today and find out how our team of disposal experts can make quick work of even the biggest messes, all with a focus on protecting the planet and uplifting Broward County communities through charitable donation and ethical disposal. Together, we can help turn your next cleaning project into one with far-reaching benefits for many, all with a single phone call.

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