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Where to Recycle Appliances? Jiffy Junk!

March 13, 2017.

Have you been wondering where to recycle appliances so that they don’t just become junk? When you work with Jiffy Junk, you are actually choosing to recycle! We work with recycling companies in the area to ensure that all materials that can be reused from your old appliances will be. We are the number one source for your appliance recycling needs in the Queens area.

Where to Recycle Appliances as a Business

Whether you are performing an office clean out and need to get rid of old appliances from the break room or you’re a laundromat and need your unusable machines gone, it’s all the same to us at Jiffy Junk. We can move anything from refrigerators, microwaves and ovens to washers and dryers. So no matter the business, Jiffy Junk is here to help you expand, grow and succeed by taking your old items and recycling them.

Importance of the Environment

This earth is the only place we have to live and we need to protect it. That’s why, at Jiffy Junk, we don’t take our jobs lightly when deciding where to recycle appliances. We thoroughly check every object we take to determine whether it can be recycled or should be disposed of. We know all our options for recycling.

Don’t choose a junk hauler who just scraps everything and does not recycle. Jiffy Junk assures you that with us that will never happen. This earth is our home, and it needs to be healthy. Jiffy Junk is your top choice when it comes to being environmentally aware.

No Job Is Too Big

No matter how big your appliance or how many, Jiffy Junk is here to pick up whatever you need hauled away. Even if there’s an odd angle or a narrow doorway to navigate your appliance through, Jiffy Junk can handle it. Our expert team has the proper skills to take anything apart if needed to get it out of your home or property safely.

Avoid the hassle of trying to figure out where to bring your bulky electronics properly. Jiffy Junk has got you covered. We take care of all of it. From the moving to recycling, Jiffy Junk is your greatest source for recycling.

We know that it can be a difficult and possibly dangerous task to move appliances. If you live in the Long Island or New York City areas, you never need to worry about where your junk goes again. And don’t hesitate to call with your questions! We are here, ready to answer!

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