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Who Needs Junk Pick Up Services in Palm Beach County?

December 18, 2018.

While Palm Beach County Solid Waste Authority is an ideal option for most area residents, there are still quite a few who rely on private junk pick up services when they need to manage more than normal household waste. Strict rules and regulations put in place to protect sanitation workers are important, but they can make it difficult when you’re working on a project likely to yield a significant amount of waste. While residential waste is collected twice a week, there are limits to what municipal services can collect during those visits. All waste must be containerized in cans no larger than fifty-gallon capacity and can weigh no more than fifty pounds because waste is collected manually. This means anything that won’t fit into a can or weighs more than fifty pounds is the responsibility of its owner when it comes to disposal.

Customers Who Use Junk Pick Up Services 

When you can’t rely on municipal services, it can be very tempting to haul everything yourself. Unless you have access to a truck and some friends with strong backs, however, you’ll likely end up spending more on truck rental and insurance, fueling costs and landfill fees than you initially expected. This also leaves you doing the heavy lifting and coordinating multiple truck loads to separate locations for donation, recycling and disposal. If you’re on a tight deadline, this can be a bigger and more time-consuming job than you initially expect, too. In the end, most people do find it easier and a better investment to work with professional service providers.

While every client is unique, and no two jobs are the same, there are still a few types of customer we see most often. When municipal services just aren’t up to the task, these customers often look to private solutions for help.

Residential Junk Pick Up Services

Many of our clients are everyday homeowners. Cleaning out a seldom-used extra room, organizing the garage or remodeling and renovation generate a significant amount of waste. From appliances to construction rubble, old clothes to unwanted furniture, our white-glove services take everything you need to discard, leaving a broom-clean space in our wake.

Rental Property CleanUp

Renting property can be lucrative, but it can also be risky. Whether an eviction led to angry and destructive tenants, or renters simply abandoned the space, you need to get it cleaned out, cleaned up and ready to go back on the market. We’ll help you remove anything left behind or generated during repairs, so you’re able to get paying renters sooner.

Commercial Disposal

Private waste collection is a must for commercial operations, and some full-service junk pick up services also offer scheduled waste management for commercial clients. We pride ourselves on helping commercial clients find a greener and more reliable system for waste management. 

Estate Management and Special Cleanouts

Handling the closing of an estate is never an easy time, and one of the most difficult tasks is disposing of personal effects for which no one else in the family has a need or use. Working with a full-service junk removal company means you’re able to leave things in place, letting us do the work of removal. We also provide special cleanout services for hoarding and similar situations, understanding the sensitive nature of the job and working hard to minimize stress for everyone involved.

Garages and Storage Units

Sacrificing space on your property or paying for off-site storage can often mean leaving things in an expensive area where they’re never again touched. When you find yourself spending good money on a storage unit filled with things for which you really have no use, or when you’re ready to park your car in the garage instead of your stuff, you might find yourself in need of more waste management than SWA provides.

Life is full of surprises, unexpected events and accumulated belongings. When you need to pare down and organize or handle projects of a larger scale, it’s best to have a plan in place for disposal before you get started. When items you plan to remove start to pile up around you, it can be difficult to move through spaces or keep track of where things belong. This is where a full-service, white glove junk hauling and waste removal company can keep things moving according to schedule and proceeding at a strong pace. 

This is far from a comprehensive list of our services; there’s no such thing as a job too large or a job too small for Jiffy Junk. Our commitment to excellence and service is extended to residential and commercial clients throughout Palm Beach County.

Choosing Private Junk Pickup Services

There are many private junk hauling companies that service the Palm Beach County area, but not all share the same methods. If you’re invested in minimizing your carbon footprint, it pays to do a bit of research before settling on a service provider. Finding one who shares your eco-friendly philosophy, fortunately, isn’t difficult for the residents of Palm Beach County.

At Jiffy Junk, we focus on providing greener, more ethical management for bulk waste and junk removal. Everything our expert technicians collect is separated, with usable items sent to charitable donation centers where they can benefit the community, and everything else recycled whenever possible. We’re able to pass along this minimized environmental impact to our customers, meaning you never have to feel guilty about sending perfectly good or recyclable items to the landfill.

Because we know you need to be able to focus on the task at hand rather than the heavy lifting, our technicians also remove items from your home, office, rental unit or other personal space for you. There’s no need to haul heavy items down to the curb, sort recyclable waste or uninstall and remove heavy appliances. We’ll handle it all, so you can get back to managing projects instead of stressing about their disposal phase.

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