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Who Should Haul Away My Junk in Broward County?

August 20, 2019.

When you’re in the middle of planning a large cleaning or organizing project, few things can stop the process dead in its tracks more effectively than a single sentence:

“Who is going to haul away my junk?”

If you’ve ever found yourself wondering what to do with all the things you no longer want or need around your home for so long you eventually just gave up on organizing them altogether, you know how daunting the prospect of managing waste can be when you’re dealing with it on a larger than normal scale. It’s not always easy to know how you should handle things you can’t fit into a weekly curbside pickup bin. It can also be particularly difficult to always know the most ecologically responsible method of disposal for every type of item under the sun. Fortunately, having a broad understanding of your disposal options, along with their basic pros and cons, can help you make a more informed, ethical decision regarding how you get rid of things for which you no longer have a use.

Is There an Ethical Way to Haul Away My Junk?

You want a clean, uncluttered space, but you also want a clean conscience. Taking care of the planet for future generations is everyone’s responsibility, and it means making responsible disposal decisions; both on a daily basis and when you’re planning to do some large-scale item removal.

Broward County Solid Waste and Recycling Services offers bulk collection once each month. On these scheduled collection days, customers are able to place items too large to fit into regular curbside containers out for removal. These items can include furniture, appliances, household items, palm fronds, tree trimmings, logs and large limbs. Haulers will not collect any debris resulting from construction, demolition or remodeling; this includes brickwork and concrete. Materials and waste resulting from any commercial operations, including landscaping and/or lawn care services, are also not accepted during bulk collection periods. Nor are automotive parts, mounted vehicle tires, oils, insecticides, household chemicals and paints.

Items must be placed carefully in order to ensure pickup, and it is important to note that unacceptable items will not be moved in order to reach items which are eligible for collection. Any items that are deemed unacceptable will be left at the curb and may remain in place no longer than twelve hours after scheduled collection. While some items will be recycled as required by local, state and federal law, many will end up consuming valuable space in the local landfill. This even holds true for items in usable condition, including almost all furniture placed out for bulk collection.

In addition to the environmental concerns of municipal waste management, there’s also the less abstract concern of scheduling. Unless you’re facing only self-imposed deadlines, once-monthly pickup on the county’s schedule may not be ideally suited to your needs. Paring down and cleaning up for a big move, doing the hard work of clearing a loved one’s estate, or working to get a damaged rental unit back on the market are all pressing matters. You can’t always wait for the next scheduled collection day and then work to keep waste within tightly defined parameters.  

If you have access to a suitably sized vehicle, it can be tempting to manage waste on your own. Before setting off down the DIY hauling path, though, it’s wise to consider the big picture. Unless you have a relatively small amount of waste, you’ll likely need to make multiple trips to more than one location in order to ensure everything is transported to the appropriate donation, recycling or disposal facility. Making multiple trips translates to a considerable amount of fuel and vehicle emissions, not to mention a significant investment of time and manual labor. If you do not have access to a truck, rental and administrative fees, insurance, fueling costs and any processing fees at disposal centers will also need to be factored into the overall expense of doing it yourself.

In almost all cases, it’s more efficient, more ethical and more ecologically friendly to work with a local private hauler who specializes in greener disposal.

How Do I Find Greener Service Providers to Haul My Junk?

Choosing a private hauler to remove unwanted items, lawn waste and construction debris while prioritizing greener disposal doesn’t have to be difficult.

At Jiffy Junk, our commitment to providing the very best in true white-glove, full-service waste removal for clients throughout Broward County is rivaled only by our dedication to doing so in the greenest, most ecologically responsible manner possible. To us, this promise means more than dropping off a portion of each load at a recycling center.

Our thoroughly trained and knowledgeable removal techs separate items as they’re removed, ensuring anything in usable condition is transported to a local donation center to ensure it not only stays out of a landfill, but also stays in the community, where it can be of aid to people or organizations in need. For everything else, we work hard to find disposal solutions that do not include a landfill, even if it means looking beyond municipal recycling centers in search of community-based initiatives and greener disposal options. We work hard to minimize our environmental impact whenever and however we can, allowing us to pass that minimized footprint along to our clients. You can enjoy your newly cleared space with peace of mind, no lingering guilt about landfills and missed recycling opportunities.

Because we’re a full-service hauling company, we do all the heavy lifting for you so there’s never a need to wrestle with heavy appliances or drag an ungainly sofa all the way down to the curb on your own. Leave everything where it sits, and our removal techs will uninstall appliances, remove old carpeting, tear out carpet padding and handle all the manual labor. Call us today and find out how you can turn your cluttered space into a clean one in no time!

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