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Why Helping a Neighbor With Junk Removal is Rewarding

December 21, 2020.

The golden rule indicates that you must “love thy neighbor!” Indeed, living with neighbors you genuinely like assures peaceful coexistence. These people live in close proximity to you, so it is best to have a mutually respectful relationship. Hence, you are less likely to invade each other’s space and become a nuisance. Instead, you help each other out, especially during tough times like annual spring cleaning and junk removal.

It is common for neighbors to keep an eye out for each other and their property. At Jiffy Junk, we have seen a lot of neighbors help each other out when they do yearly cleanups. In our years in the industry, we have noticed how communities band together to help a family unload all their stuff. Whether it’s to help a kid move big stuff to a college dorm or just yearly decluttering, neighbors often offer a helping hand in making the process seamless. Consider the following reasons why helping your neighbor with junk removal is rewarding:

Feels Great to Help Others

It always feels great to help out others. If you see your neighbor is in dire need of help with junk removal, it makes sense to offer help. For example, your neighbor will have a difficult time taking out their old living room set just by themselves. In this instance, it makes a lot of sense to offer assistance. It will only take a few minutes of your time, anyway. Remember, it is not all about money. You can also give your time and energy. 

Besides, being neighborly feels great. Helping other people is not only good for the ones you are helping out with, but it is also good for you. It will make you feel happier and healthier. When you see that you become an instrument in helping others with their burdens, you feel lighter in your heart and mind. Connecting with others benefits your mental health as it allows you to create a stronger community. 

Offers a Chance to Watch Out For Each Other

When you live next to someone, it makes a lot of sense to help each other out. At Jiffy Junk, we see a lot of neighbors come to the family’s aid when they spring clean and need junk removal. Moving that old, bulky 60 inch TV, for instance, is impossible to do alone. You truly need the help of someone. If you are close to your neighbors, you can get this done in a jiffy with their help because a lot of people will carry the weight. 

In addition, it is common for neighbors to really watch out for each other. Though you don’t expect anything in return when you help out someone, your neighbors become more willing to reach out if you have a great relationship. Though helping each other’s home with junk removal may seem simple, it promotes a healthier relationship. As such, you feel more inclined to keep an eye out for each one’s family. Here are some instances wherein you can also continue to rely on your neighbors:

1. Extra Eyes While You Are on Vacation

When you help your neighbor with junk removal, this family becomes more helpful to you as well. If you go out on vacation, your neighbor can keep an eye on your property to ensure that burglars stay away. They can collect your mail for and accept other deliveries. This initiative ensures that your house doesn’t look abandoned so you can keep thieves at bay even when you’re away. It provides you with another level of safety and security when you know that your close-knit community has got your back.

2. Offers Support in Emergency Situations

The people living closest to you offer the best support in times of emergencies. Should one of your children have an accident, or if your partner has a heart attack, your neighbor can offer tremendous help. As you become busy attending to your sick family member’s needs, your neighbor can step up to watch the kids and even care for your pets. 

3. Help with a Sudden Need 

You will often encounter times wherein you need something in a flash. For example, amid baking cookies, you realize you need a cup of sugar. Being friendly with your next-door neighbor assures that you can readily ask for things when you’re in a bind. Of course, you will replace what you borrowed when you go on a grocery run. It helps to know that you can count on someone nearby. Remember, if you assist your neighbors with their junk removal project, they will be more inclined to help you out. 

4. Extends Support Anytime

Neighbors that help out each other support each other’s families. This becomes highly beneficial, especially when you have kids in the picture. Good neighbors become an ally when you need emergency childcare. They also look out for the welfare and safety of the kids. For example, you encounter a sudden work emergency, and you can’t go home right away. You can entrust your neighbor to watch your children until you get home. It is common for neighbors with good relationships to help each other out when they’re in a bind. They’re the first to send food when you’re sick. This matters a lot, especially if you don’t have any family in town. Having a great relationship with your neighbor assures you have extended family support. 

Fosters Very Strong Bonds

When you help out your neighbor with junk removal and spring cleaning, you build trust and foster strong bonds. While you’re helping organize their home, you learn more about each other. As such, you can expect your family to become closer to one another. Additionally, you develop peace of mind knowing your kids can stay active and play with the neighborhood children in a safe environment. This strengthens the feelings of family and community. 

On top of that, when you do projects like removing clutter together, you feel more comfortable joining forces and conducting joint ventures. For example, you can band with others in your neighborhood to plant a mutual garden. You can also try color-coordinating your flowerbeds or hosting a community garage sale together. Some even go as far as to help each other mow the lawn, shovel snow, or do some other chores. It helps to be neighborly because you build yourself a strong network that’s just right next to your home. Try the following for a deeper connection:

  • Do neighboring excursions
  • Have a picnic with the community
  • Help each other with chores and home projects

Helps in Doing the Right Thing

If you see your neighbor struggling with home spring cleaning and junk removal, helping out offers you a chance to do the right thing. Common human decency dictates that you must help when someone encounters difficulties. After all, as the famous saying goes: do unto others, as you want others to do unto you. If you turn a blind eye when your neighbor needs help, this creates a rift between you. It would be terrible to live next to neighbors you don’t like. Imagine every single day of your life becoming so uncomfortable. 

In contrast, stepping up to do the right thing allows you to create a better relationship. It shows how reliable and dependable you are as a person. Hence, should you face a similar situation, you can also count on your neighbor to do the same thing for you. And remember, you must always choose to do the right thing even when no one is watching. Doing this feeds your soul! After all, you were not placed on this earth for your own selfish pursuit. You can live a more rewarding life when you have a sense of purpose that touches other people’s lives. 

Inspires You to Keep Organized

Should you offer a hand helping your neighbor with junk removal, it will also inspire you to keep your home free of clutter. When you see that your neighbor’s home becomes neat and organized, it will motivate you to do the same for your house. Consider the following benefits of spring cleaning and decluttering:

1. Makes you healthier

When you help your neighbor with their cleaning and junk removal project, you will feel inspired to clean up your own house. This means throwing out what you don’t need or donating what can still be used by others in need. Through this activity, you get to clean up your space. Hence, you take out all the accumulated dust, mildew, and molds which causes allergies and respiratory issues. Additionally, you eradicate dust mites. These microscopic arthropods don’t leave visible bites on your skin, but they cause irritation. Cleaning out your junk removes your crap and improves your air quality. 

2. Removes emergency and fire hazards

If you finally organize your home and work on junk removal, you improve the layout of your house. As such, you won’t own any excess items, and that can cause trips and falls. Your house becomes easier to navigate, which means you now enjoy a clear path to move around swiftly in case of an emergency. Above all else, removing old stuff like furniture, carpet, or appliances means you own less fire hazards in your home. It would indeed be highly beneficial to get rid of the junk that no longer serves their purpose. 

3. Assures peace of mind

At Jiffy Junk, we’ve proven that people become more at peace in a clean home. Remember, a cluttered house equates to a cluttered mind. When your home is unkempt and untidy, it affects everyone’s mood. After all, human nature dictates that the eyes become drawn to beautiful and pleasant objects. However, if your home is topsy-turvy, the chaos serves as a nuisance that holds you back. If you want to feel light and bright, cleaning your home becomes not mere vanity but a necessity. You owe it to your children to have a nice house so they can have nice memories. So don’t forget to:

  • Dust regularly
  • Vacuum at least twice a week
  • Wash linens bi-weekly
  • Wipe down walls
  • Spring clean bi-annually so things don’t pileup
  1. Promotes a healthier lifestyle

A clean house free from junk and crap promotes a healthier lifestyle. Firstly, it reduces your stress because you can truly relax in a beautiful home that feels comfortable. Secondly, it improves air quality when you routinely clean. Thirdly, you get better sleep and increase your productivity throughout the rest of the day. And lastly, regular cleaning and home organization can boost your mood. It allows you to feel accomplished because you do something concretely beneficial for your abode and family. 

Gives You a Chance to Receive “Treasures”

As the saying goes, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. When you help your neighbor organize their home and take out their unwanted items, you may unexpectedly end up with something you need. For example, if your neighbor may want to get rid of a coffee table that no longer serves a purpose, you can take it home if you need one for your basement. This allows you to save tons of money. 

Perhaps doing this kind of home organization and Junk removal with your neighbor will also inspire you to do the same for your own house. You can peruse the items you no longer want and unearth some buried treasures in your piles of junk. Maybe you and your neighbor can do a yard sale together so you can make money off the things you no longer need. 

Final Wrap Up

If you haven’t yet, getting to know your neighbors must be on your list of priorities. Should you be on good terms already, continue to foster that relationship. In this harsh world, it feels great to have allies like supportive neighbors you can count on. Whether you need to borrow a cup of sugar or a shoulder to cry on, your neighbor is the nearest person within your reach. You must be conscious of helping out your neighbor, whether for spring cleaning or other chores. If you also need assistance unloading the big stuff, don’t forget to call us at Jiffy Junk. We’ve been helping neighborhoods and communities for many years.

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