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Why Use Private Trash Pickup in Broward County

December 14, 2018.

Household waste is easy; you drop it in a bin and it’s picked up once a week. In fact, it may never occur to most people that they might need private trash pickup services until they’re in a situation where municipal waste management services just aren’t enough. From cleaning out a spare room filled with odds and ends to a full hoarding or estate cleanout, life is full of moments when household garbage collection falls short of your needs. At these times, it’s important to know how to choose a private waste management solution suited to your needs.

Times You Might Need Private Trash Pickup

Broward County offers robust municipal services for household waste, including household recycling services. When you start to generate more than will fit into a couple of bins, however, it’s time to start thinking about private trash pickup. Our trained and experienced Jiffy Junk technicians in Broward County are experts in handling every aspect of waste management, from the toughest hoarding situations to the smallest lawn clean-up job.

These are only a few examples of the situations our clients find themselves in when we’re called upon to help. No matter what kind of project you’re trying to manage, staying on the right side of the law while sticking to a tight schedule and trying to do the right thing for the environment is a challenge. Don’t spend valuable time you could invest in more productive tasks on trying to get rid of waste and unwanted items when private pickup solutions exist specifically to make your role more easily manageable. 

Household Cleaning and Purging

Whether you’re finally tackling a cluttered garage or you’re turning an unused bedroom into usable space, you can’t get started until you have a blank canvas. Sometimes, this means getting rid of far more than you even realized you owned, including unwanted furniture, clothing and other reusable items. Taking the time to sort usable items from broken ones, recyclable materials from those which can’t be recycled and then transporting them to the appropriate drop-off locations takes time; time you could be spending making real progress towards reaching your goal. Working with an ethical and responsible private trash pickup company means you can rest assured usable items will be donated, recyclable items will be recycled and everything else handled with care to minimize landfill impact. 

Estate Management

Few things are as challenging, both physically and emotionally, as clearing out the estate of a loved one. Handling a lifetime worth of collected belongings also means dealing with things no one wants or needs, even if throwing them away feels wasteful. Since bulk waste is only picked up once each month in Broward County, you’ll also have to deal with making sure your timelines match up with those of the city. Even in heartbreaking situations, time really is money, and you must be able to stay on schedule. This is where professional waste management can be invaluable, because there’s no waiting for municipal services or trying to figure out what can and cannot be set out for collection. High-quality private providers will handle even the trickiest disposal situations, making it easier for you to find closure and start the healing process away from the stress of closing an estate.

Renovations and Redecorating

Broward Municipal Services will not accept any construction or remodeling debris or any waste generated through commercial activity. This leaves many homeowners in a tight spot when it’s time to redo the hall bathroom or update the kitchen. Waste piling up on-site presents more hazards than you can shake a proverbial stick at and impedes productivity, so it has to be managed in a timely and efficient manner. Working with smaller handyman providers or as your own general contractor often means waste management is your responsibility, and you can’t rely upon municipal services for any of the construction debris. When renovations include the replacement of appliances, it can become even trickier. These items can be picked up by Broward Municipal Services, but only once per month and only when you’ve adhered to a number of guidelines before you even set the waste out for collection. Outsourcing waste management also means you’re not investing expensive skilled labor hours into the task, too.

When Private Trash Pickup Is the Greener Option

Florida has recycling goals in place, but municipal services aren’t always the eco-friendliest option available. This is especially true if you’re trying to haul waste yourself, as the quickest and most effective option is to take everything allowable to the landfill, where it only contributes to environmental issues and troubles your conscience. Some private trash pickup services will do the same thing, simply for the sake of convenience.

Other private waste management companies take a different approach to large-scale disposal. Whether you’re trying to get rid of furniture, clothing and household goods that can all be used again or have a surplus of recyclable waste, appliances and other tricky items, we’ve got you covered.

Our commitment to environmental best practices means we pass along the mitigated landfill impact to our customers each and every time. We’ll remove an entire house worth of assorted items or just pick up a few boxes, but we’ll always make sure usable items are taken to donation centers. These goods stay in the community to help the less fortunate and out of a landfill, where they have the potential to negatively impact everyone. Recyclable items are always taken to recycling centers, even if we have to seek out special programs in the area to keep waste out of the dump.

In the end, you’re left with a broom-clean space ready for whatever comes next and a clean conscience to match. There’s no need for heavy lifting, sorting, becoming an expert on state, local and federal disposal law or trying to navigate the complicated system of special services through municipal waste pickup programs. 

Before you get started on your next big project, call the experts at Jiffy Junk. 

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