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Finding Junk Removal and Cleanup on Your Schedule in Broward County

June 12, 2020.

Sometimes projects around your home have no fixed deadline. More often, however, you’ll find yourself preparing to complete a big cleaning or organizing project which does have to be completed within a certain timeframe. Where do you turn when you need on-demand junk removal and cleanup? For Broward County residents, the answer can seem quite complicated. The truth is, a bit of quick research into all your options can help you make the decision best suited to the unique needs of your impending job.

Under ideal circumstances, you’ll make a plan for disposal before work even begins. Accumulating waste and debris can not only impede productivity by making it difficult to move freely through your workspace, it can also create a host of safety hazards. Your goal is to get your project completed as quickly, safely and efficiently as possible. With the right waste management solution, this can be a significantly simpler task.

What Are My Broward County Junk Removal and Cleanup Options?

When you think about waste pickup, the Solid Waste and Recycling Services of Broward County are likely the first system that comes to mind. After all, you’re able to reliably place your household trash and recycling in the appropriate cart and wheel it up to the curb every week without much thought. When it comes to higher volume than simple weekly pickup, however, there are an array of restrictions and complications which can make municipal collection one of the least effective options.

Residents of Broward County have access to bulk collection once per month, on a day chosen by the SWRS. This means the first stumbling block to access is often a simple scheduling conflict. If you only have access to limited bulk collection a single day out of each month, then it can be quite difficult to handle disposal before a deadline. Move-out dates and other external deadlines can’t be compromised without significant additional cost and hassle, but there are other concerns to keep in mind, as well.

With the exception of items required by law to be recycled, much of what’s collected on bulk pickup days will be transported directly to the local landfill. This is an environmental concern in any jurisdiction, but it’s particularly complicated in Broward County. Monarch Hill Renewable Energy Park may be the official name of the landfill, but as one of the highest manmade landforms in the state, the nickname “Mount Trashmore” is depressingly appropriate. Even household items and furniture which are still in usable condition are disposed of in this manner, as there is no infrastructure in place to facilitate transportation to local donation centers and charity outreach programs.

There is a long list of items municipal haulers won’t collect on bulk disposal days. Construction and demolition waste are not accepted, but neither is any type of waste generated by commercial activity. This means everything from hired renovation services to paid lawncare is restricted.

Lack of control over your schedule and where your castoff items will end up can make DIY hauling seem like the most logical solution, but it pays to give this a closer look, as well. Managing disposal for yourself means not only an enormous amount of physical labor, but also a significant time and intellectual labor investment. Charting a course which includes more than one trip each to multiple locations can be a challenge under any circumstances. With social distancing measures in place, it will take even longer and can be even more difficult to navigate.

If you don’t have access to a suitable vehicle for hauling, you’ll also find yourself incurring the cost of rental, administrative and insurance fees and all fueling expenses. Before you know it, you can exceed your budget and run out of time to handle items on your to-do list which cannot be outsourced.

Most of the time, it is more cost-effective, easier and less stressful to work with a reputable private provider of junk hauling and cleanup services.

Choosing the Right Private Junk Removal and Cleanup Service Provider

No matter the end goal of your project, from home organization to vacating a rental property at the end of an expired lease, you need to make sure you’re available for the things that can’t be outsourced. Waste management is, fortunately, something you can leave to reputable and reliable service providers. While you’re focusing on the tasks you just can’t leave to anyone else, we’ll do all the heavy lifting and all the hard work of waste management.

Our extensively trained and knowledgeable Jiffy Junk collection technicians come to your home or place of business to clear away waste and debris quickly, safely and efficiently. We meticulously separate everything we remove from your property to ensure any items in usable condition are taken to area donation centers. This allows you to rest assured your castoff items are staying in the community, where they can be of assistance to those in need, and out of Monarch Hill. Anything not suitable for donation is transported to recycling centers or sustainable disposal centers to minimize landfill impact to the greatest possible degree.

N95 breathing protection and gloves are uniform standard for all our collection experts, but we can also outfit staff in full Tyvek suits at your request. Though we’re still providing the white-glove, full-service removal we’re known for, we can also arrange a customized contact-free solution when necessary. We also provide sanitization for all the non-porous surfaces in your home, using an EPA-registered, hospital-grade no-rinse solution free of bleach, chlorine or corrosive chemicals.

No matter your needs, we’re here to help. Best of all, we’ll do it on your schedule, because we understand the importance of meeting deadlines across the board. During this ongoing public health crisis, we’re also working to keep you, your home and our removal experts as safe as possible. Contact us today to learn more about our white-glove service promise, our dedication to our customers and commitment to environmental best practices. Together we can make jobs of any size easily manageable, with lower environmental impact and greater efficiency.


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