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Furniture Haul Away in Suffolk County

March 1, 2017.

The task of furniture haul away can be overwhelming. This is especially true if you are elderly, have no form of transportation, or are otherwise incapable of moving furniture yourself. Also moving furniture can be also dangerous and could damage your walls and floor if not done properly. Furniture is just generally difficult to handle. The team at Jiffy Junk are paid professionals who do this daily. We can move anything from couches, tables, entertainment centers, or whole estates of furniture; no task is too big for us. Never again throw out your back trying to haul away furniture. Let Jiffy Junk help.

Furniture Haul Away Done Fast

In Suffolk County, it may be difficult to find someone to do a furniture haul away for you, let alone get it done quick. We know that you have a schedule that needs to be accommodated or new furniture to move in as replacement for the old. The team at Jiffy Junk are dedicated individuals who want your furniture hauled away as fast as you do. It says it in our name; we’ll get your furniture out of your house in a jiffy!

Environmentally Aware

The fact is, the earth needs our help to remain clean and keep the environment top notch. At Jiffy Junk, we are here to make sure that your furniture gets disposed of properly. Also if we deem that your furniture is still useable, we donate it the community. Why would anyone use a service that wasn’t earth friendly? Jiffy Junk is your choice for environmentally friendly furniture haul away.

Keeping Things Clean

No residue. No mess. Nothing but a clean floor for you after your furniture is hauled away by Jiffy Junk. We have a white glove policy. This means that after your furniture has been moved out, we will make sure the area around the object that we moved is better than we found. We will do a thorough sweep and cleaning of the area before we leave. This is the kind of attention to your home that you won’t get anywhere else but Jiffy Junk.

Qualified Team Members

All of our team at Jiffy Junk are licensed and insured for everyone’s protection. Our team is trained with the know how to handle your furniture haul away without damaging your floors or walls. They are also trained to take apart any furniture that may be too big to get out the door. Why try and make things happen yourself when the great team at Jiffy Junk is here to help>?

Next time you get some new furniture, don’t hesitate to call Jiffy Junk. We are right here in your local neighborhood and will get to you in a jiff to haul your furniture away and help you transform your home or office.

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